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TAR Event Manager


INEOS Aromatics

Interested in joining a winning team? A team whose employees share in the ownership of the business and are empowered to make a difference?

The Turnaround Event Manager leads the turnaround team to ensure safe, efficient and cost-efficient execution of turnarounds. The incumbent develops and maintains the site work processes to meet the Front End Loading (FEL) Process for Turnarounds and leads the turnaround teams through the FEL Stages .  The incumbent leads the tank program ensuring compliance with the tank internal inspection dates. The position requires a comprehensive technical background to direct the flow and control of work.  The position has substantial capital and expense spending responsibilities.  The position is responsible for all turnarounds executed at the site for the Aromatics business.  The incumbent interfaces with the site SHE, Maintenance and Operations Departments, Technology and Aromatics turnaround groups.

  • Safely planning and executing site TAR’s for Aromatics to meet the business objectives and KPI’s.
  • Creating and managing the FEL milestones for the site TAR’s, leading the TAR scope prioritization efforts, and reporting the status to the site and the leadership team.
  • Creating the plan to deliver the FEL milestones and working with the TAR team members to deliver the action items by the target dates.
  • Establishing and coordinating TAR team meetings (TAR Core Team) with relevant site personnel.
  • Assuring engineering, maintenance, construction, inspection, SHE and operations contribute to the TAR plan.
  • Creating the TAR estimate for each stage of the TAR.
  • Managing the cost budgets for the TAR and tank inspections/projects.
  • Providing frequent updates for the projected cost of the TAR during Execute stage.
  • Defining structure, logistics, material procurement, and coordination responsibilities for TAR’s.
  • Creating and managing the process for tracking TAR KPI’s and publishing the KPI’s on the prescribed schedule.
  • Creating and managing the schedule control process and managing the contractor that performs the work.
  • Leading the prioritization of the scope and duration of TAR activities.
  • Joint accountability with the TAR Operations Lead for proposing changes to scope of work. Managing the scope change process.
  • Actively managing performance of the TAR and ensuring development plans are in place to build capability of the TAR Team.
  • Scheduling and conducting the TAR scope challenges, assessments, and readiness reviews.  Tracks the status of the action items.
  • Conducting the lessons learned sessions following events.
  • Preparing and presenting the stage gate approval requests to the gatekeeper for proceeding to the next stage.
  • Networking with key personnel to develop the TAR roles and responsibilities and communicating the TAR roles and responsibilities to the organization.
  • Developing and maintaining the TAR work list to support TAR development.
  • Managing the TAR planners, schedulers and execution team.
  • Conducting the daily TAR update meetings during TAR execution.
  • Preparing Request for Proposal (RFP) packages for the general TAR contractors.
  • Coordinating with the proper resources to develop the SHE Plan and issuing the SHE Plan per the TAR milestones.
  • Creating and managing the risk register for the TAR.
  • Leading the TAR closeout process upon completion in accordance with the CVP process.
  • Championing safe work practices among work groups and contractors.  Providing leadership in employee and contractor safety toward achieving site goal of no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to environment.
  • Understanding how the work of the Turnaround Team affects the environment. Setting performance objectives and providing leadership to minimize impact on the environment. Supporting the site Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • Recruiting and hiring talent for the TAR team.
  • Compliance with and promotion of different behavioral and process safety initiatives and measures – supporting 20 INEOS SHE Principles, IGGN’s, SHE KPI’s, risk assessments, etc. 
  • Lead the tank maintenance program through interfacing with Commercial, Operations, and Inspection.  When needed, assist with managing the tank inspections/TARs.

Education and Experience:

  • 15+ years of experience in petrochemical, refining or similar industry.
  • 5+ years of supervisory experience with performance management of direct reports.
  • 5+ years of turnaround management and execution.
  • Skilled in stage gate turnaround or project management process.
  • Skilled in contracting strategy development and managing contractors.
  • Ability to develop and improve systematic work processes (i.e. cost control, estimating, etc.).
  • Working knowledge of Primavera and SAP.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • College degree (Associates or Bachelors) preferred.


  • Strong emphasis on Ethics.
  • Good communication skills necessary, especially for interaction with external suppliers.
  • Interacts openly and honestly with others across the organization and externally
  • Knows and complies with laws, rules, policies and procedures
  • Willingness to work in a service oriented role.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Conflict Resolution.

Result Orientation.

  • Strives for improving results
  • Maintains standards and service levels even under pressure or in the face of challenges from different stakeholders


  • Ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives
  • Takes reasonable risks to achieve results
  • Leads by making reasonable decisions quickly
  • Takes ownership even in ambiguous and uncomfortable situations

Customer Orientation

  • Develops diversity to achieve higher levels of performance
  • Promotes teamwork throughout the organization
  • Is able to motivate others to achieve high level of commitment
  • Fully utilizes the capability of others
  • Effectively develops people through coaching, mentoring and appropriate feedback
  • Is active promoter for learning culture.

Valuing and Respecting People

  • Proactive team player; is sensitive to the different capabilities of team members
  • Is able to recognize conflicts and take necessary actions
  • Empathizes with someone else’s perspective
  • Is able to lead a diverse team
  • Is comfortable working with employees from different backgrounds
  • Is accepted by others in a leadership role even without formal authority
  • Involves and trusts the team in decision-making

Reliability and Responsibility

  • Actively works to improve the level of reliability of his/her area of responsibility
  • Ensures compliance in his/her area of responsibility
  • Is consistent in his/her behavior and acts as a role model
  • Focuses on achieving appropriate quality and sustainability of his/her area of responsibility

All employees must firstobtain approvalfrom their current manager before applying for a position.

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.