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Procurement Manager

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Compensation Grade


As the senior procurement resource on site this role will lead the delivery of procurement activities associated with the INEOS Acetyls - Texas City.  This will include the maintenance of procurement standards, including the suite of INEOS cost control and anti-fraud processes, management of the procurement team, Board level briefings and delivery of the most material contract negotiations.


  • INEOS Acetyls UK strategic intent.

  • Business priorities in terms of project delivery and operational objectives.

  • The INEOS cost control mantra and control processes around DOA

  • Capabilities of procurement resources

  • INEOS Group procurement initiatives and reporting requirements

  • INEOS Supplier code of Conduct


  • External market environments, general state of the economy and supply base.

  • Legislation particularly in regard sanctions and ethical procurement.

  • Drivers of cost increases & potential decreases across a suite of diverse supply environments.


  • Through either direct involvement or by delegation to direct reports ensure that INEOS Acetyls has an effective suite of contracts to enable the safe and economic running of the business, including goods purchase, service delivery and logistics. (Feedstock & Catalyst Contracts Excluded)

  • Provide leadership and management to the procurement team.  Including applying appropriate challenge to proposed awards.   Train, coach and instruct direct reports to develop their skills and enhance performance of the Procurement Team

  • Assess the demand for Procurement activity and allocate resources appropriately, prioritize and challenge requests.

  • Make recommendations to Global Head of Procurement in regard to the departmental structure and resource level as required.

  • Ensure that procurement processes are robust and the correct procurement techniques are applied to deliver best value.

  • Ensure the department is compliant with internal control processes as they relate to vendors, including customer master data management.

  • Ensure the appropriate stores are in place and replenished appropriately.

  • When required personally seek single source approvals.

  • Ensure a fit for purpose DOA process is in place and chair DOA approval calls in association with the site manager.

  • In association with the Supply Chain Manager, provide procurement resource to support logistics contracting.

  • Advise local management on where procurement is involved and their responsibilities to vendor management.

  • Manage directly high value or high criticality contracts.

  • Oversee and make recommendations for project procurement to Board via OPS Director & Global Head of Procurement.

  • Ensure all procurement activities are compliant with legislation.

  • Provide information to INEOS Group as requested.

Supervision of staff:

  • Direct: 3

  • Indirect: 0

  • Total: 3

Main Contacts:

  • OPS / Commercial Director - Weekly

  • Global Head of Procurement - Weekly

  • Texas City Site Manager - Daily

  • Procurement Support (P2P) - Daily

  • Procurement Specialists - Daily

Technical Skills

  • Educated to Degree Level.

  • Proven commercial acumen with over 10 years of procurement experience.

  • Expert commercial analytical skills.

  • Deep understanding of INEOS commercial controls

  • Working knowledge of legislation, and strong understanding of contract law.

  • Excellent negotiator with highly advanced knowledge of procurement techniques.

  • Line Manager Experience

Behavioral Skills

  • Excellent, precise, communicator both internal to INEOS and with suppliers.

  • Skilled leader, with the ability to influence both senior and junior staff.

  • Self-motivated and reflective with a genuine desire for improvement.

Performance indicators:

  • Cost base improvement as evidenced by the procurement tracker.

  • Fixed cost reduction target.

  • Plant reliability, no outages due to inability to secure services or goods (except feedstock).

  • Zero breaches in procurement or master data process compliance.