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Process Technology and Engineering (PT&E) Lead


INEOS Nitriles

Interested in joining a winning team? A team whose employees share in the ownership of the business and are empowered to make a difference?

A. Purpose of the job:

This role is a senior technical leadership position in INEOS Nitriles Research, Development and Technology team. The incumbent reports to the Head of R&D and has global responsibility to support acrylonitrile plants, metrics, best practices, technology transfer, plant optimization, and safety assessments. The incumbent leads a team of senior engineers and senior process chemists, interfacing with Nitriles operations and commercial teams, and providing incremental production costs and preliminary economics of plant improvements. The incumbent leads the team in advancing process improvement ideas, providing process modelling and design support to manufacturing facilities, and providing technical support to customers and to commercial team members.  This role supports Nitriles catalyst development by providing process and engineering assessments and improvements including workflow automations and advanced data analytics.

The incumbent leads the PT&E team to:

  • Influence the performance of three INEOS manufacturing sites in US and Europe, and a majority of the total business product supply.
    • Identify, evaluate, and facilitate implementation of process and catalyst improvements.
    • Develop and maintain comparative plant metrics.
    • Develop and implement optimization tools for variable cost improvement.
    • Provide modelling/simulation/calculations to support and improve process safety.
    • Lead sections and participate in development of Nitriles process safety handbook.
  • Influence production decisions by Nitriles Business Management
    • Development and maintenance of incremental cost metrics.
    • Economics of plant improvements
  • Develop optimization tools for Nitriles manufacturing.
  • Influence the Nitriles Capital Program through identification, evaluation and implementation of improvement and expansion opportunities.
  • Provide global technical support to INEOS Nitriles business including internal and external customers.  
  • Provide global support to INEOS Nitriles Catalyst and Licensing business; provide engineering support to Catalyst R&D team including safety assessments, workflow automation assessments and implementations, and advanced data analytics.

B. Accountabilities of the job: describe the main results expected from the job

Accountability 1:

Provide expert level technical support to INEOS Nitriles Manufacturing sites and customers.

Most important activities:

  • Identify, evaluate, and facilitate implementation of process and catalyst improvements.
  • Provide modeling/simulation/calculation support to manufacturing facilities for process and mechanical design and safety assessments.
  • Develop material and energy balances for process modifications and designs.
  • Provide consultation and troubleshooting support for operating problems.
  • Provide technical consultation to Nitriles customers to support sales.
  • Build and lead "delivery enabling" technology transfer networks to achieve and sustain continuous manufacturing cost reductions at all Nitriles manufacturing sites while maintaining safe and reliable operation.
  • Develop tools to maintain key Technology Transfer Knowledge (benchmarking metrics, reliability numbers, key reports, etc) and facilitate their use. Periodically update benchmarking data.
  • Build metrics models for key cost drivers (raw material consumption, chemical consumption, production capacity)

Accountability 2:

Support to Nitriles business management team.

Most important activities:

  • Provide metrics on incremental raw material consumption and coproduct production for production planning decisions
  • Provide economics for plant improvements
  • Participate in CAPEX discussions

Accountability 3:

Provide consultation and design support to new plant construction projects.

Most important activities:

  • Assist project team in development of process design packages.
  • Provide modelling/simulation support. 
  • Develop material and energy balances.
  • Ensure that best practices are employed.
  • Provide consultation during detailed design phase of projects.

Accountability 4:

Deliver on INEOS Nitriles Technology portfolio of process optimization, and knowledge management projects.

Most important activities:

  • Develop and implement tools for economic optimization of plant operations.
  • Facilitate/lead Nitriles Technology exchanges.
  • Improve internal knowledge management.
  • Train and mentor new personnel globally.

Accountability 5:

Accountable for Nitriles manufacturing site catalyst strategy

Most important activities:

  • Develop and maintain catalyst strategy for all manufacturing sites including make-up, change-out and back-up inventories.
  • Ensure that Nitriles has a sufficient supply of high-quality catalyst.
  • Manage the inventory such that the best catalyst is in our reactors delivering value.

C. Required profile:

Level of education & Experience in general

  • MS or PhD in Chemical Engineering, 15+ years progressive work experience in technology and/or engineering function supporting manufacturing, with demonstrated delivery of value via innovation and process safety continuous improvement.
  • High level process management and control skills are required, along with good interpersonal skills to help define and affect necessary actions.
  • Demonstrated experience in leading and growing a team of process engineering professionals.
  • Possess a solid business awareness to help manage optimal performance of manufacturing processes and create opportunities (or identify threats) for the business.

Technical skills

  • In-depth technical knowledge and understanding of Nitriles and petrochemical processes.
  • Widely recognized expertise in process engineering and Nitriles technology.
  • Possesses a solid understanding of both business and technical objectives and strategies.
  • Demonstrates technical leadership and networking skills that deliver value.
  • Demonstrated experience in plant and laboratory automation assessment and implementation programs, and in advanced data analytics.

Behavioral skills

  • Provides Safety Leadership by Example.
  • Demonstrates SHE sensitivity which includes an understanding of the SHE requirements in the design or modification of processes.
  • Maintains personal integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Is a results-oriented self-starter with the ability to interface and influence effectively different stakeholders (operators, unit process control / process optimization engineers, manufacturing managers, R&D engineers, and scientists).
  • Uses informal power and influence effectively to achieve results.
  • Fosters collaboration broadly in the organization.
  • Self Development: Continues to sharpen and develop technical and leadership skills (e.g., influence, leadership style, communication, vision).

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.