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Job Title: Onsite Operator 现场操作工

Location: Foshan

Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job:

Health, safety, environment and legislation requirement:

  • Comply with all kinds of laws and regulations, national standards, local standards;
  • Comply with the INEOS IGGN and Life Saving Rules;
  • Comply with the requirements of the dual preventive mechanism, i.e. “Classification and Management of Risks” and “Potential Risk Screening and Control”;
  • Proactively participate in BBSO on site and report non-compliant behaviors;
  • Check the firefighting facilities monthly and confirm them under the good condition, proper using the PPE, keep the environment protection awareness in minds, know the major internal impact factors for the environment;
  • Familiarize oneself with and follow the WIs, SOPs and SHE policies of the company and stop any non-compliant, unsafe behavior;
  • Take part in various work-safety activities and trainings, adhering to the norms of “communicate safety reminders before work, conduct safety inspections during shift-work, and summarize safety-related issues at the end of shift”;     
  • Be responsible for the pre-job safety training of the new joiners;
  • When finding any safety hazard, take actions to neutralize it and report it to the Shift Leader and relevant manager(s);
  • In the event of any accident, report it immediately, and organize rescue actions,  protect the scene, log the accident details;
  • Take part in the safety related activities such as safety trainings, REX, Group Communications, Task Observation, etc. organized by the company;
  • Take part in the drills of the emergency response system, emergency response trainings;
  • Find the potential hazard, near miss and unsafe factors and report quickly
    发现事故隐患, 未遂事件或不安全因素,及时报告并协助调查;
  • Participate in and assist to accident investigation & analysis,  and implement preventive actions identified through lessons learned;
  • Understand and follow the standards on disposal of industrial wastes (hazardous wastes in particular), and assist the SHE Department and relevant workers in conducting waste disposal operations in a safe manner.

MAJOR JOB responsibility:

  • Incident/accident management: Keep vigilance of and take prompt action to address any abnormal situation during production operation to avoid and/or minimize human injury and property loss;  
  • Equipment and site management: Keep effective monitoring of the status of the production process and equipment, maintain a good environment and order at the workplace to prevent any accident;
  • PTW and maintenance task management: Conduct pre-task risk analysis and identify control measures according to the PTW procedure; and perform stewardship during task and take necessary actions to ensure safe completion of the maintenance task;
  • ISO9001/ISO14001management: Implement the requirements of the ISO procedures and relevant SOPs in work safety management, and observe and put in practice the behavioral and process safety rules defined in the INEOS 20 Principles;
    ISO9001/ISO14001相关工作管理:执行体系程序及相关规程要求,进行安全生产管理,遵守并实践INEOS 20P现场行为安全和工艺安全原则;
  • Site Tour: Conduct regular site tours according to site tour requirements to have real-time understanding of the operation conditions on site and keep tour logs in a careful manner; take prompt measures against and report any abnormal issues;
  • Loading and unloading of feedstocks: Fulfill feedstock loading/unloading tasks per relevant Wis and maintain a clear, accurate log of the relevant data;
  • Management of contractor workers: Manage the contractor workers who take part in our production operation on the rubber feeding system, waste disposal post, etc. to ensure that they fulfill their tasks according to the relevant contractual requirements;
  • Obey management instructions on production operations: Strictly follow the instructions given by the Management in regard to production operations, perform proper production process control, ensure the accuracy and timeliness of process data, and report promptly in case any deviation is spotted.

Position requirements

  • Above the high school and chemical working experience
  • Must hold the following licenses for the relevant operations:
  • License for operator of hazardous chemical and polymerization process;
  • License for operation of firefighting facilities for structures and buildings;
  • Low voltage electrical equipment operator license;
  • Forklift driver license.


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Of course, your application will be treated confidentially.

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