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Mechanical Technician L3

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Mechanical Technician  



SHE 25%

  • Participate on regular safety training at site:
    • Safety rules and guidelines
    • Operating procedures
    • Incident sharing and learning
    • Permit to work and Risk Assessment, etc.
  • Active support to the safety culture at site and works safely for incident free operation.
  • Understand and follow annual SHE improvement plan for the site.
  • Work in line with SHE KPIs and Targets set by management from time to time.
  • Contribute to Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) program at site.
    • Participate on training at site to take BBSO to next level of reporting.
  • Follow site procedures aligned with INEOS Group Guidance Notes (IGGNs).
  • Accountable for
    • Following and practicing INEOS 20 principles of Behaviour Safety and Process Safety at site through site rules and procedures
    • Following and practicing Life Saving Rules at site
    • Safety of other Employees, Contractors, Visitors and partners at site
    • Following Permit to Work as per the site procedure
    • Following Management of Change (MOC) as per the site procedure.
  • Work in compliance with all legal regulations.
    • Adherence to site licenses and permits.
  • Participate on the INEOS Styrolution Sustainability program at site.
  • Stop work whenever there is an unsafe condition and immediately inform the Shift Leader and/or Head of Department.
  • Directly intervene with those in your working area not using PPE or not following INEOS Styrolution standards and procedures.
  • Maintain the respective workplace in order and clean, as per best practices of housekeeping.

 Mechanical Maintenance work 45%

  • Maintains and repairs equipment parts of the company in his/her representative area of work (ISBL)
  • Receives the planning for each preventive and predictive maintenance through SAP-PM module and for the execution of the maintenance work card together with a work permit from the work scheduler and planner in your team
  • Report any abnormalities that are observed during the maintenance work to Operations and maintenance coordinator. Align on corrective actions for abnormalities observed during vibration monitoring, Oil testing, thickness testing reports,...
  • Collects parts from the warehouses
  • Disassembles, replaces and repairs parts
  • Checks the operation of the parts and performs lubrication work, oil changes, work adjustments of equipment, ... Transporting oil drums, NH3 bottles, N2 bottles to the required places.
  • Sign off the permits and other necessary documents after the works and hands them over to the hierarchy
  • Ensures tidiness of the workspace
  • Reports critical equipment status to maintenance coordinator who reviews it together with reliability/process/inspection engineer to prevent wear down
  • Repairing and maintenance of all types of equipment in plant, workshop and as instructed by the mechanical engineer.
  • Repairing of all Static & Rotary equipment such as pumps, agitators, fans, Gearboxes and others in plant or workshop.
  • Repairing of pipelines/fittings//valves by flange gasket replacement and other non-fabrication jobs.
  • Erection and commissioning of equipment, levelling and alignment as per instruction.
  • Loading and unloading of equipment from trucks and in plant.
  • Assisting Instrument department in fitting and removal of Valves.
  • Assisting E&I department in shifting and loading unloading of heavy motors
  • Proper tagging and stacking of repaired equipment with testing.
  • De scaling of plant equipment as and when required.
  • Support for rigger work.
  • Ensure that Task list for PM/PdM/AMC are thoroughly followed strictly during maintenance.
  • Regular checks and maintenance of plant equipment and execute measures for reliability improvement.
  • Ensure process safety inspection plan is executed in the plant as per the schedule.
  • Ensure that all standby equipment are always available for operation.
  • To follow defined SOPs for all work practices.
  • Checking of Tools & testing its functioning
  • To make sure that valid work permit has been taken with all isolations and risk assessment is conducted before start-up of any maintenance work in the plant.
  • After completion of maintenance work, testing to be done for proper functioning and any leakage or other abnormality and should be attended.


3rd party management 10%:

  • Support  the work activities of mechanical  contractors.
  • Monitor their executed work and ensure that permits are received and applied according INSTY procedures
  • Ensure that all INEOS safety trainings, rules and procedures are contractors

Documentation and training 5 %

  • Proper upkeep of updated documentation such as P&IDs, operation & service manuals, GA drawings, Piping drawings, stress analysis, fabrication drawings and SOPs/SMPs etc.

Team Organisation 15 %

  • Contribute actively to the team meetings and exchange information
  • Supports the operators in the field to solve small mechanical malfunctions in the plant
  • Supports operators in the field during first line maintenance activities (e.g. dieplate exchange on extruder, disassembly plugged pipe lines)
  • Supports E&I technicians in disasembly of valves and instrumentation
  • In case of questions of production or other maintenance team members, explain the functionalities based on technical drawings
  • Actively participate in daily maintenance meetings/safety meetings, and complete all safety and technical training activities

Experience in general:

  • Knowledge of mechanical process within a chemical plant
  • Knowledge of the operation of the installation and its components (mechanics)
  • Knowledge of the products, devices and machines
  • Thorough knowledge of the operation of the tool for maintenance work and hoists
  • Knowledge of technical documentation (reading and correct interpretation)
  • Basic knowledge general of an applicable and specific (SAP, databases) software

Physical skills:

  • Must be able to frequently (70-100%) stand, ascend and descend stairs, turn valve/wrench handles, stoop, and reach at/below shoulder height.
  • Must be able to occasionally (30-60%) sit, walk, ascend and descend caged ladders, bend, kneel/crouch/crawl, reach above shoulder height, tolerate repetitive motion and utilize fine motor dexterity.
  • Must be able to infrequently (10-20%) twist.
  • Normal day work hours.
  • Must be able to work inside 50% of the time and work outside 50% of the time.
  • Must work alone 60% of the time and work with others 40% of the time.
  • Must be able to frequently work in extreme cold or heat and around high noise levels over 85 Db.
  • May require ½ face respirator or full-face respirator as needed.
  • Must be able to frequently work with vibratory tools, do confined space entry, operate vehicles, and work with automated machinery.
  • Must be able to wear steel-toed shoes, safety glasses, long sleeves, hearing protection, fall protection and other PPEs as warranted.
  • Must be able to frequently work at a moderate pace.
  • Must be able to occasionally work closely with co-workers, rely on the assistance of others to accomplish daily tasks and at a rapid pace.
  • Must be able to lift (pushing & pulling effort while stationary) max 25 kg
  • Must be able to carry (pushing & pulling effort while walking) max 25 kg
  • Must be able to complete and maintain INEOS Forklift Driving Certification.
  • Must be able to complete and maintain Governmental required training for safety personal and process polymerization
  • Must be able to compete and maintain INEOS process training for on-boarding
  • Must have the ability to see written documents, computer screens and to adjust focus.
  • Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and to make discriminations in sound. Must perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels, with or without correction.
  • This position is considered a “safety critical job”, which requires continuous study (SOP’s, Training Manuals, procedural updates), for the employee to be always alert, able to concentrate on their task at hand, and not impaired by medications (prescription, non-prescription, illegal or legal substances including alcohol), or any other mental condition which adversely affects alertness, concentration, or judgment.

If you require further information please contact Can Gu.

Of course, your application will be treated confidentially.

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