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Logistics and Chartering Manager

The Logistics and Chartering Manager is unique in the global Acetyls business and is a key contributor to the Acetyls Asia commercial team, requiring a high level of industry experience and expertise.


The main purpose of the role is to procure shipping and logistics services on a compliant and cost-efficient basis in order to ensure efficient running of INEOS JV assets and optimise business margins – successful execution can be the main factor in ensuring positive margins in long markets. The role is also critical in maintaining our business’ high levels of customer service which grants access to premium pricing with term contract customers.


The main duties include responsibility for developing and recommending annual contracting/procurement strategy for ~700kte a year of bulk cargo movements together with management and execution of the contracts. The role also leads and co-ordinates all regional logistics optimisation and operational logistics activities together with the INEOS commercial team and our 4 export-capable Joint Ventures consistent with business targets as well as leading activities relating to any exports required by our teams in Europe and the Americas.


Movements are mainly within Asia but also to Europe and the Americas. At current rates, this activity incurs total annual costs of USD 50m > with a sales value of >USD 500m.

This role requires close attention on ensuring safe and compliant marine logistics activities, developing regional logistics strategy, managing and networking with brokers, shipowners and industry partners to obtain latest market intelligence, negotiating and ensuring our business obtains competitive freight rates, continuously exploring options to optimise and reduce our shipping cost, solving emergent operational matters and working closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure smooth operations. This role will also participate heavily in any regional business development projects to provide expertise from a logistics management perspective. 

This role is critical to our business and will require extensive communication and collaboration with multiple stakeholders – both internal and external, plus from different functions & geographical locations.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Accountable for developing and implementing regional logistics strategy by utilizing our advantage as one of the largest users in the region, with aim to obtain most competitive freight rates to support business objectives.
  • Manage and optimise a regional variable distribution cost budget of ~USD 50m pa (at 2022 freight rates).
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to optimize and reduce our shipping cost, for example, exploration of partnerships and co-loading options.
  • Responsible for planning, communicating, and scheduling of vessel and vessel space required for shipping delivery to customers from supplying site - safely, timely and cost effectively, i.e.: Planning must ensure all customer requirements are met, and that sourcing timelines & logistic cost are optimised
  • Responsible for compliance with INEOS Group Marine Standards and compliance with all supplying sites’ and customers’ requirements.
  • Execute defined process accordance to KPIs when calling-off Contract of Affreightment (CoA) or when performing spot chartering.
  • Provide resolutions and response promptly to all planning / operational matters or issues arising from shipment planning or execution.

Other areas of Accountability:

  • Relationship management with supplying sites, agents or forwarders, customers & shipbrokers.
  • Provide assistance to commercial and supplying sites’ teams, relating to supply chain and marine logistics activities – to smoothen planning and delivery processes.
  • Work closely with Supply Chain Manager to ensure supply-demand balances remain efficient
  • Work closely with Customer Account Coordinator team, to facilitate overall Order-to-Cash process.
  • Provide timely analysis of freight costs, providing reasoning for costs incurred, budget variances and identifying improvements.
  • Oversee and complete all demurrage claims and issues.

Key challenges faced on the role

  • The role requires deep knowledge of regional and international shipping markets
  • The role requires prior experience of developing and negotiating very large contracts of affreightment and spot contracts
  • The role requires extensive planning work and communication with stakeholders, while simultaneously focused on details and sequence of activities – it can stretch the person’s time and focus.
  • Ability to prioritize work and response basis time sensitivity activities & being work efficient is crucial.
  • Ability to be assertive when coordinating with stakeholders, is equally important - explain and rationalise with facts.
  • Fast learner, quick thinker and ‘out of the box’ can help reach resolutions to issues with win-win outcome.
  • Time management.
  • The role is an upgrade on previous role due to additional responsibilities required following business transition from BP to INEOS (previously much of the commercial activity was carried out by BP’s centralised shipping group).
  • Some business-related travel will be required occasionally – brokers, shipowners, customers and suppliers.
  • Due to operational requirements, the post holder will need to be contactable always and may have periods of time where longer or unconventional working hours may be required.
  • Previous industry or specifically relevant experience (applied to Key Accountabilities) will be essential


Educational background

University degree and professional qualification will be a plus.

Relevant years of experience in practical or applicable work scope is acceptable.


Experience (years and nature)


15 years of working experience, with accumulated 10 years’ experience in areas involving supply chain planning, marine logistics (bulk liquid) activities and vessel chartering.


Extensive experience in chartering and freight rates negotiating is a must. 


Skillsets required


Expert in Marine Logistics (Bulk Liquid);



Knowledge in International Trade and export trading activities.

Knowledge in business optimisation is required. 


Added Advantage

Knowledge in Six Sigma or similar Continuous Improvement processes/techniques.

Experience in working with Joint Ventures or in a Joint Venture environment



Fluent in written and spoken English is Mandatory.

Can read and speak Chinese.



Soft Skills

Ability to work in a diversified function and cross geographical team, providing ideas and feedback.

Dependability and work independently, able to be relied on to deliver results.

Problem solving and conflict resolution, quick thinker with ideas for conflicts resolutions.

Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, able to articulate thought process clearly & manage 3rd party relationships – balance of being assertive and persuasive.



Courage to speak up, providing value adding ideas and ensuring compliance when it comes to Safety;

Excellence, be a disrupter (continuous improvement) striving for better results, balancing with being a process advocate – as situation dictates;

Capable of working effectively under pressure, whilst maintaining a strong eye for detail;

Ability to prioritise and sequence inbound urgent activities and request.

Economic dimensions associated with role

Annual procurement budget in excess of USD 50m at current freight rates

Delivering > USD 500m sales value

Country / Cluster specific information

Serving Asian region with main activities in S Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Pakistan

Activities also stretching to shipments ex Asia to ports in Europe and the Americas