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Logistic & Chartering Executive

The Logistic & Chartering Executive is an integral part of the Acetyls Asia commercial team/function.

The team drives commercial activities in the Asian region to achieve set business unit strategy and targets.

This role is a key contributor, with primary focus of delivering safe & compliance marine logistic services; negotiating & procuring bulk vessel space by working with brokers and shipowners, with aim to reduce and optimise cost, manage supplying sites’ inventory & matching customers requirement window.

Secondary, work with stakeholders to ensure smooth operations, if needed coordinate to resolveoperational activities and emergent issues.

This role is critical to our business and will require extensive communication and collaboration with multiple stakeholders – both internal and external, plus from different functions & geographical locations.

Key Accountabilities:

· Responsible to review and vet vessels to ensure compliance and meeting INEOS Marine standards;

· Negotiate, procure vessel space working with brokers and shipowners with aim to reduce and optimise spot freight cost;

· Planning and scheduling of vessels meeting supplying sites’ inventory & matching customer’s requirement window;

· Provide resolutions and response promptly to all planning / operational matters or issues arising from planning or execution.

Other areas of Accountabilities:

· Relationship management with supplying sites, agents or forwarders, customers & shipbrokers;

· Provide assistance to commercial and supplying site’s team, relating to supply planning and marine logistics activities – to smoothen planning and delivery process;

· Work closely with Team Manager to ensure supply-demand balances remain efficient;

· Work closely with Customer Account Coordinator team to facilitate overall Order-to-Cash process;

· Provide timely analysis of freight costs, providing reasoning for costs incurred, variances and identifying improvements;

· Oversee and complete all demurrage claims and issues.

Key Challenge:

· Ability to plan work and coordinate with multiple stakeholders, concurrently focusing on details and sequence of activities – this can stretch the candidate’s effort, time & focus;

· Ability to prioritise work and responses basis time sensitivity activities & being efficient is crucial;

· Ability to be assertive when coordinating with stakeholders, is equally important - explain and rationalise with facts;

· Fast learner, quick thinker and ‘out of the box’ can help reach resolutions to issues with win-win outcome.