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You also know one of our internal INEOS Aromatics China Employee? get in contact with them and as this role is eligible for referral program, you and our employee can join the program by accessing and complete forms on this link


A. Purpose of the job:

Carry out analysis on samples of Raw material, Oxidation unit, PTA unit, WWT, final product and necessary temporary samples to support smooth operation of the plant.


B.Accountabilities of the job:

  • Carry out all routine and non-routine sample analysis within individual’s work area with minimum supervision by Lab Shift Lead or Lab Team leader to ensure smooth operation of the Laboratory.
  • Be proficient in making detailed calculations with a complete understanding of the mathematical equations involved to ensure correct analytical results are produced.
  • Understand the operation of the Laboratory instruments、making minor adjustments and routine daily maintenance to the instruments、prepare necessary chemicals & solutions, to ensure continuous Lab service to the plant.
  • Competent to interpret analytical data for accuracy to ensure reliable analytical support to plant operation.
  • Expected to undertake appropriate emergency response duties.
  • Must be safety conscious, be aware of potential hazards when handling chemicals and be able to maintain a clean、safe, and orderly work area.
  • SHE:
    • Deliver Safety KPI’s (OSHA recordable injuries, first aids, near misses, loss of containment, inspection overdues, incident investigation, open actions, etc)
    • Compliance with and promotion of local laws and regulations, INEOS Life Safety Rules, INEOS IGGNs and 20 INEOS Principles
    • Promoting and upholding behavioral and process safety directives, initiatives, measures, and supporting 20 INEOS principles, IGGN's, SHE KPI's, risk assessments, …)
    • Take part in the legal and compliance training that the position required and get certificate if it has.
    • Has the obligation and responsibility to report and correct the unsafe behavior and unsafe condition that she/he observed


C.Required profile:

  • Education background: College diploma or above in chemistry field.
  • Working experiences:
  • At least two years’ experience in Laboratory work will be preferred.
  • Able to operate analytical instruments such as Gas Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoresis… etc. will be an advantage.
  • Good knowledge、skill, and experience on sample analysis.
  • Good ability and potential to learn new knowledge and skill.
  • Good personality to work with people in related department/groups.
  • English reading & writing ability is required.
  • Good safety awareness.