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Energy Procurement Manager


INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

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Offer range: $168,000 - $210,000

Organizational context and job purpose

The O&P USA business produces a variety of commodity grade petrochemicals, of which the most important are Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, Polypropylene and Polyethylene.  Manufacturing sites include Chocolate Bayou Works (Alvin, TX), Battleground Manufacturing Complex (LaPorte, TX), and Carson, (Carson, CA). The O&P USA olefins and polymers business converts a significant portion of its ethylene into polymers and finished products through wholly owned INEOS facilities. Ethylene and co-products not consumed at INEOS facilities are marketed to third parties through long and short-term agreements and spot transactions.

How the Role Fits in

Reliable and low cost energy supply is critical to the success of the O&P USA business and the Energy Procurement Manager is the primary face to market for this activity.

The Main Purpose of the Role:

The Energy Procurement Manager acts as the primary face to market for the O&P USA business for all spot and long-term transactions involving natural gas and power supply.  On a daily basis, this individual is responsible for procuring, managing price risk exposure and ensuring reliable supply of natural gas and electrical power for O&P USA. In addition to the O&P business, this role is also responsible for procurement of natural gas for the INEOS Oligomers, Nitriles and Styrolution facilities located along the Texas Gulf Coast (excluding Bayport Styrolution) and procurement of power for the INEOS Nitriles facility in Greenlake.

Responsibilities AND Accountabilities

Accountability 1:  Procurement of natural gas and electricity

  • Develop and implement energy sourcing strategy.
  • Execute spot transactions and negotiate long-term supply agreements.
  • Manage external relationships and lead commercial negotiations.

Accountability 2:  Trading and Commodity Price Exposure Management

  • Use market intelligence to make decisions on natural gas and power purchases. Use natural gas storage to balance supply and demand. Hedge as necessary to manage risk.  Use financial swaps to manage exposure.
  • Recommend and execute price risk management strategy for natural gas and power.
  • Identify and monetize optionality in existing assets or new infrastructure and align with supply agreements.

Accountability 3:  New Business Development

  • Lead energy projects as single point of accountability ensuring project milestones are met in a timely manner.
  • Develop new supply opportunities to reduce overall energy costs.

Actively engage market participants and regulatory bodies to influence new policy and advocate key INEOS/industry positions.

Accountability 4:  Coordination and Communication with Operations

  • Organize energy triangle meetings with sites for medium term planning.
  • Organize monthly or quarterly meetings with suppliers for their perspectives and market intelligence.
  • Lead weekly calls with operations to plan ahead for operational, market, and weather-related impacts.

Accountability 5:  Optimize cogen P&L

  • Optimize P&L by influencing operations and making effective natural gas purchase decisions.
  • Collaborate with site operations to optimize profitability of cogens.
  • Participate in the budget process, influencing decisions on projects and planned maintenance outages.

6Accountability 6: Sustainability/Environmental Allowance Management

  • Manage INEOS O&P environmental allowance (NOx and HRVOC) positions and execute transactions that ensure INEOS O&P compliance with regulator limits.
  • Manage external relationships with brokers for environmental allowance transactions.  Attend conferences and develop intelligence on emission allowance market trends.
  • Future carbon trading
  • Purchase renewable energy credits (RECs)  and/or coordinate accounting of RECs from INEOS power projects such as VPPAs.

Skills & Knowledge Required


Level of education & Experience in general

  • Bachelor’s Degree in science or business required.
  • Aptitude for energy commodity markets from at least 5 years of decision making in operational and/or commercial experience.

Skills and Competencies

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of or interest in local, regional and global energy markets. 
  • Application of supply and demand fundamentals to assess impact to physical supply and prices.
  • Knowledge of and/or interest in energy supply agreement structuring and industry practices.
  • Experience or aptitude for executing energy transactions.
  • Aptitude for understanding of commercial operations, finance, accounting, and contract law.

Behavioural skills

  • Excellent interpersonal communication, relationship building and negotiation skills are critical along with the ability to work closely in a high performing team environment. 
  • Candidate should be highly motivated, detail oriented and possess good planning skills.
  • Ability to analyze and assess market conditions quickly and make critical decisions while under pressure.
  • Ability to think strategically and broadly across a range of opportunities and market positions.
  • Strong team builder.
  • Strong influencing and team building skills (market and plant operations).  
  • Effective dispute resolution and relationship management skills.

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.