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Warehouse Officer

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Job Title

[[Warehouse Officer ]] 


[[Ningbo ]]  

Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job: Describe the main results expected from the job

1. Be responsible for the safety management of drivers and contractors on site, fully comply with the relevant LSR and SHE regulations of the company, and timely remind and stop the work violating the safety.

2. Assist in the preparation and updating of SOP of the department.

3. Be responsible for the daily management and work arrangement of the Contractor, so as to be reasonable and efficient.

4. Be responsible for formulating the training plan and daily training of the warehouse contractor, making corresponding records, and participating in the investigation and sharing of accidents related to the warehouse and forklift.

5. Lead the contractor to be responsible for product handling and other related operations, sampling and sample management.

6. Be responsible for the account management, registration, bill management, etc. of inbound and outbound to ensure the timely and accurate data and cooperate with the audit work of relevant departments.

7. Be responsible for the handling and registration of nonconforming products in the department.

8. Be responsible for the operation and management of weighing room, LMS and SAP systems.

9. Make inventory according to the regulations to ensure that the account is consistent with the actual situation, keep abreast of the inventory situation of the warehouse, whether there is insufficient inventory, overstock and other situations, and timely report and deal with them.

10. Do a good job of 5S in the warehouse, ensure that the warehouse is clean, tidy and orderly, and the management contractor shall observe and implement the relevant provisions of the principle of separation of people and vehicles and HALO.

11. Be responsible for spot inspection, management and maintenance of all equipment (including fire fighting facilities) in the warehouse, and timely propose and rectify hidden dangers found.

12. Be responsible for the transportation of auxiliary chemicals (small electric train) according to production demand.

13. Fill, submit and save the receipt acceptance documents of various goods.

14. Formulate daily work plan and confirm that the instructions are fully implemented. Be familiar with the operation of various equipment in the warehouse, conduct self inspection every day,and be able to complete simple troubleshooting and repair work.

15. Be responsible for the warehouse management of packaging materials and raw materials, reject the unqualified goods and make inspection records.

Required profile:

Level of education & Knowledge:

  1. College degree or above, especially excellent ones can relax the conditions accordingly
  2. 3 years of experience in warehouse logistics in the chemical industry

Experience in general:

  1. Knowledge of forklift driving or forklift license is preferred
  2. Understand the daily operation of warehouse logistics
  3. Be familiar with 5S related management

Technical skills:

  1. Proficient in computer operation, familiar with office software, SAP experience is preferred
  2. Strong learning ability, careful work, strong work initiative and sense of responsibility, and strong team spirit

Competencies, Behavioral skills: (acc. to competency profile and required level of descriptions)

  1. Strong communication and understanding ability
  2. Get familiar with 5Why RCPS and other related processes
  3. Have the thinking of continuous improvement, and can actively participate in on-site optimization projects

G. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results are achieved - related to the accountabilities

  1. Daily delivery quality and punctuality
  2. Inventory accuracy
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Forklift failure and running time
  5. Safety accidents
  6. 5S

If you require further information please contact [[Can Gu]].

Of course, your application will be treated confidentially.

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