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Supply Chain Coordinator

INEOS Composites US LLC

INEOS, one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, has announced a new International Consumer Healthcare Business. INEOS Hygienics will be established to supply sanitizer and a range of antiviral products to consumers, as the world emerges from COVID 19 lock down.

The new business will be headquartered in the UK and will continue to meet the needs of front-line NHS and care workers in Europe and the USA for free medical grade hand sanitizer but will grow a business to meet the changed needs of consumers.

INEOS produces chemicals that go into over 300 products including antibiotics, paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, antivirals, aspirin and the reagent chemicals that go into testing kits. In addition to the plastics needed in medical equipment, face masks, ventilators, sterile gloves and eye visors.

In less than ten days INEOS set up six new manufacturing sites to produce six million standard and ‘pocket bottle’ hand sanitizers a month. Today we are supplying the NHS free of charge. And in a world beyond COVID 19 we see a new opportunity.

INEOS Hygienics is currently recruiting key position that are part of our brand-new consumer healthcare business will build its portfolio of products around sanitizers and build a wide range of disinfectant based products.

As a Supply Chain Coordinator, this role will co-ordinate all of the day to day requirements of the Supply Chain on each of the dedicated Hygienics manufacturing sites. Ensuring there is a robust production plan, all materials are in place to meet the plan, and stock is dispatched On Time In Full to customers, while controlling all inventory to optimize working capital.  The role will be required to liaise with on plant production teams, setting production plans understanding all levels of constraints, whilst ensuring that all materials have been ordered from suppliers to meet the plans.  This role will also manage the stock of materials, both RM/Pkg and FP to optimize working capital, continually improving the P&L accounting. Liaising with Customer Service teams to ensure all dispatches are managed correctly so product arrives at the customer On Time In Full.

Responsibilities include:

  • Set robust production plans in line with Customer Requirements, prioritizing Key Customer needs when applicable, whilst also maintaining data in order to analyze plan performance (Schedule Adherence, Plan completion).
  • Day-to-Day RM and Pkg Material management, placing orders on suppliers to ensure there are no delays to production. All MOQ/ROQ on materials set up in the ERP system and followed to improve on unit price of material.
  • Provide the required Supply Chain Master Data maintenance of the ERP system.
  • Management of material stock so there are no risks of stock outs, whilst also running as lean and efficiently as possible to optimize working capital. Required to set realistic targets, report on results and focus on continuous improvement activities. 
  • Organize and coordinate all required logistics from the nominated freight forwarders. Ensure that the bookings are complete in a timely manner to reduce the risk of supply failures based on distribution.
  • Produce KPIs to measure the performance and effectiveness of all of the freight forwarding companies and support the Supply Chain Manager in QBRs with each party, working with the suppliers on effective improvement plans where necessary.
  • Responsible for building vital relationships with the Customer Service team of Hygienics, ensuring a smooth flow of information in a collaborative approach to maximize the experience of the end customer.
  • Act as link between Sales & Operations based on customer orders and expedite order delays, working closely with production to prevent repeat issues.
  • Analyze the requirements of the role and develop Standard Operating Procedures that will allow for a consistent approach as the role evolves in the future.
  • To be aware of the Ineos 20 principles of safety and to follow these principles at all times, leading by example and setting the correct standards for yourself and your team to adhere to at all times.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Previous roles in a Supply Chain environment required
  • Prior knowledge of Logistics procedures and processes would be preferable as well as demonstrated change management skills.
  • SAP system – Knowledge and understanding of SAP specifically related to Material Management
  • Knowledge of Excel and other MS systems, particularly related to interpreting and presenting data in the form of KPIs.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Export documentation and Dangerous Goods/ADR requirements.
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