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Site Trainer



Interested in joining a winning team? A team whose employees share in the ownership of the business and are empowered to make a difference?


INEOS is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. Its production network spans 171 manufacturing facilities in 24 countries throughout the world. INEOS Nitriles is the world’s largest supplier of Acrylonitrile and Acetonitrile and the industry leader in technology, including Acrylonitrile Catalyst.

INEOS Nitriles, Green Lake Plant is a modern, state of the art chemical complex. Being the world’s largest Acrylonitrile manufacturing plant, Green Lake’s primary focus is Acrylonitrile production. Acrylonitrile is used in the production of acrylic fibers, plastics, and nitrile rubber. Acetonitrile and Hydrogen Cyanide are co-products of the Acrylonitrile production process. Acetonitrile is purified through a proprietary process to produce a very high-quality material with little waste generated. The site also supports operations at the Port of Point Comfort deep water marine terminal.

The Site Trainer communicates closely with knowledgeable personnel and makes recommendations for improvements in training strategies and demonstrates strong knowledge and application of learning principles in design and delivery.

The Site Trainer is part of the SHE Department and reports directly to the SHE Manager. The Site Trainer is also responsible for the readiness of emergency response personnel, incident command staff and equipment. This position works intimately with site department managers and personnel to support their needs for meeting training requirements and documentation. The Site Trainer manages site wide training functions in support of facility goals and strategies and supports site’s compliance with regulatory training requirements. This role also identifies internal and external resources to effectively and efficiently address training needs and assists in development of training programs.

All job activities should be executed in a safe and efficient manner consistent with the INEOS 20 Principles and the Culture of Prevention.

Embraces 20 Principles and Global Life Saving Rules in all aspects of work performed.


  • The areas and responsibilities this position covers are as follows:

  • Responsible for safe plant operation, and assuring employees perform their jobs in a safe manner according to the INEOS 20 Principles and PSM.

  • Responsible for safe plant and environmentally sound operation, and assuring employees perform their jobs in a safe manner.

  • Lead or participate in safety incident investigations and root cause analyses, as requested

  • Manage annual POs for the Training area, includes forecasting and meeting the budgeted amounts.

  • Develops performance measures and other training-related data analytics that lead to meaningful reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics.

  • Evaluates all training activities for effectiveness, efficiency and validity.

  • Develop methods to improve training activities.

  • Develops, implements, schedules, coordinates, organizes, and facilitates employee training programs, including delivery and coordination of new employee, job task certification and qualification, refresher, site-specific, and Regulatory training.

  • Jointly responsible with working team leader for initial training of operators or mechanical craftsmen and identifying training & development needs for Emergency Response Teams, Operations and Maintenance Technicians.

  • Conducts and analyzes surveys and interviews to assess training needs of operators or technicians.

  • Coordinates the development and implementation of site and department training plans.

  • Revises and maintains up to date training content, materials/curriculum, and job certification/qualification packages as required.

  • Provide input to Operating and Maintenance procedures.

  • Coordinates and develops training needs for hourly employees and jointly develop and send refresher training plans to I&E, MW and Lab annually.

  • Updates the regulatory training plan

  • Locates, evaluates, coordinates, and secures outside training resources, as necessary.

  • Coordinates training initiatives with outside vendors.

  • Facilitates the annual Site Regulatory Training Steering Team meeting.

  • Provides all information to the Document Control Administrator/Training Assistant to update and maintain the site Master Training Matrix. Ensures training matrix is updated as new requirements are identified.

  • Maintains an up-to-date database with training records for all personnel.

  • Assists with training reviews and audits.

  • Ensures all required trainings are conducted and documented for tracking and reporting purposes (SHE, skills training, soft skills, etc).

  • Attends and supports the Victoria College Process Technician Advisory Board.

  • Conduct Hands-On training

  • Develops annual training schedule for confined space rescue, fire school, high angle rescue, and emergency response classroom training, in coordination with Production. Contact training providers and operate within budget.

  • Coordinates annual drill with outside agencies and the port.

  • Responsible for the inspection programs and issuance of fire extinguishers, safety showers, emergency breathing apparatus, AEDs, and the ambulance.

  • Participate in audits and interviews, including 20 Principles.


  • Maintains readiness of emergency responders and incident command staff.

  • Owner of Emergency Response Procedures (ERPs) and responsible for procedure reviews and updates.

  • Develops and assigns Quarterly High Angle Rescue Drills.

  • Assigns on-shift emergency response drills for all production shifts and facilitate drill critique.

  • Assists in development and designs of Emergency Response Team instructional materials; delivers training as needed or requested.


  • Minimum 5 years Production and / or Maintenance experience working in a chemical plant or refinery required.

  • High school diploma required

  • Engineering or Associates Degree desired

  • Emergency Response experience is a plus


  • Ability to work with all levels of employees and management

  • Demonstrates strong commitment to SHE excellence and a passion for Training.

  • Knowledge of all phases of Safety, Health, and Training.

  • Jointly responsible with working team leaders to assure compliance with all related Safety, Process Safety, other regulations, and budget.

  • Assists in delivery of training program to site personnel and participates as an instructor as needed.

  • Arranges for vendor delivery of training instruction; works with team leaders to schedule technicians.

  • Assists other training coordinators with training resources as needed.

  • Supports management in development of annual budget for craft training and jointly responsible for training budget.

  • Knowledge of safety, maintenance, or operations systems

  • Written and verbal communication and good interpersonal skills

  • Providing constructive feedback

  • Planning & scheduling

  • Organizing

  • Strong interpersonal skills which enable influence and effective partnering

  • Ability to drive maturity in the knowledge sharing process, including regular coaching and engagement of front-line supervision, leadership, and hourly personnel.

  • Promoter of a safe and healthy work environment by maintaining a strong relationship with employees and encourage a positive attitude about personnel safety.


  • Proficient in use of various IT systems: VTA, Excel, Outlook, MS Word and other Learning Management Applications.

  • Knowledgeable about learning management systems, instructional design and e-learning platforms


Ability to climb fixed vertical ladder cages at heights up to 30 ft. To a total of 200 ft. (Ladder cages provide rest stop every 30 ft.)

Ability to wear required personal protective equipment: hard hat, safety glasses, chemical goggles, faces shield, rigid safety shoes/boots, full & half face cartridge masks.

Must be able to work outdoors/inclement weather

Job specific: Climbing, balance, stoop/bend, kneel, squat, crouch, crawl, lift, carry, endurance, push/pulling.

Must be able to tolerate confined spaces and work at heights. Operate emergency response vehicles. Ambulance, fire truck, response van. Automatic/standard transmission.

Need to evaluate understanding of proper lifting techniques and body mechanics.

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.