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Site PSIM Team Leader


INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

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Purpose of the job:

The CBW Site PSIM Team Leader is responsible for managing the CBW PSIM team toward the assurance of OSHA 1910.119/EPA RMP 40 CFR 68 compliance, process safety project/initiative development, and daily PSM support to the process units. The position requires the ability to lead a team of technical professionals toward the achievement of safety objectives, business goals, and improvements in an environment of conflicting and rapidly changing priorities. This position is required to conduct periodical performance reviews, workload prioritization, and team meetings to maintain continuous delivery while enhancing team productivity.

The Site PSIM Team Leader will assist in Process Safety and Integrity Management (PSIM) performance by influencing, facilitating, providing guidance, mentorship and leadership to move the organization to the next level of performance in the areas of OSHA 1910.119, EPA RMP 40 CFR 68 while driving delivery of INEOS 20 Principles and INEOS Global Guidance Notes (IGGN). The Site PSIM Team Leader position is based at the CBW Site facility but successful candidate is expected to be available to support other INEOS O&P USA facilities.

The Site Process Safety and Integrity Management  (PSIM) Team Leader delivers and supports the organization in the areas of OSHA “Process Safety Management” (PSM) and EPA “Risk Management Program” (RMP) compliance, integrity management and risk management through the implementation, sustainability and/or enhancement of site practices and/or corporate systems to ensure that INEOS O&P USA protects people (both internal and external to facilities), environment, business and assets against the consequences of unexpected integrity-related incidents.

This position – and all positions - within the INEOS Olefins and Polymers organization requires that the incumbent commit to learning, following and practicing INEOS 20 Principles of Process and Behavioral Safety as applicable to the position. These are posted within each INEOS Olefins and Polymers facility. 

Accountabilities of the job:

Accountability 1:

Establish practices to ensure continuous improvement in compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations:

  • Lead the development, implementation, review and sustainability of site policies and technical guidelines associated with PSM and RMP elements (e.g., Process Hazard Analysis, Management of Change, Contractor Management, Mechanical Integrity, Process Safety Information etc.) to deliver compliance at the Site site.
  • Lead, coordinate execution, oversee, and support the timely completion, management reviews, issuance of report and assignment of action items from PSM-RMP Compliance Audits.
  • Lead, coordinate, and maintain with the support of site groups evaluation, regulatory reporting and timely submittal of updates of EPA RMP 40 CFR 68 program.
  • Share best practices and lessons learned with other INEOS O&P USA facilities to enable consistent implementation of programs.
  • Track, monitor and report to site leader’s effectiveness of PSM/RMP Programs through Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Accountability 2:

Provide oversight, facilitates studies and supports timely and consistent execution of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) studies

  • Ensure PHA-LOPAs are resourced, initiated and completed within the mandated time frames, and executed according to company policies.
  • Train and mentor personnel in the methodologies, tools and practices used to conduct PHAs and LOPAs.
  • Work with site PSIM Engineers and PSIM Advisor to develop schedule and define resources to conduct PHAs/LOPAs and other compliance driven activities within O&P sites.
  • Ensure efficient and consistent delivery of PHA/LOPAs by working with PSIM Engineers, PSIM Advisor and SIS Engineering Authority.
  • Facilitate PHAs and LOPAs (e.g. Compliance, Capital Projects or Growth Projects) in order to support area workloads and compliance deliverables.
  • Identify, assess, and communicate enhancement to risk evaluation methodologies and tools for conducting PHAs and LOPAs.
  • Shares responsibility with PSIM Advisor to conduct periodic audits of the PHA/LOPA studies, worksheets and reports led by PSIM Engineers and/or third party facilitators to assure consistency with corporate practices.
  • Support PHA-LOPA action item owners in the scenario evaluation and action item closure to ensure alignment with INEOS O&P USA policies and practices.
  • Support assessment and selection process of third party PSIM service providers.
  • Assist sites in addressing Safety Instrumented System (SIS) documentation and supporting Safety Integrity Level (SIL) scenario analysis, and Functional Safety Assessments.

Accountability 3:

Provide oversight and gate keeping in the delivery of Management of Change (MOC) and Pre-Start Up Safety (PSSR) requirements.

  • Lead Management of Change program by participating in the gatekeeping, approval process and identification/resolution of opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure compliance to the Management of Change (MOC) process through closure, prestartup safety reviews and proper management of pre/post start up action items.
  • Gate keep Organizational MOC (OMOC) program and facilitate sessions as necessary to ensure continuous improvement of site OMOC program.
  • Assure that procedure, tools and practices are clearly reflected in procedures and observed by personnel.
  • Proactively identify gaps, opportunities for improvements, training needs and address them in a timely manner.
  • Actively manage MOC software enhancements (operate and customize) and troubleshooting to support sustainability and use of the tools by site personnel.
  • Support and provide oversight to Mechanical Completion (MC) and Pre Start Up Safety Reviews (PSSR) process.
  • Review existing checklist (e.g. MOC, MC, PSSR) or recommend enhancements based on lessons learned, investigations and/or industry practices.
  • Lead and/or support PSSRs as necessary for any new or significantly modified equipment or processes.
  • Support Operations Management by assuring documentation and information from MC and PSSR’s is complete and properly filed.
  • Develop, review and communicate MOC & PSSR KPI’s to site leaders and site personnel.

Accountability 4:

Identify, develop, support and maintain risk management programs/initiatives for the site and INEOS O&P USA Facilities

  • Assure that PSIM Site policies/guidance’s are reviewed, created, updated per a defined frequency and/or modified as needed due to factors such as regulation changes, lessons learned and/or industry standard changes (e.g. Facility Siting, Process Safety Information, Dust Hazard Assessment).
  • Proactively conduct data analysis (Near Misses, Incidents and others) to identify PSIM emerging trends and/or leading indicators and develop communications on how to mitigate and/or address opportunities for improvements.
  • Coordinate and oversee insurance underwriting Site surveys and drive sustainable consistent resolution of recommendations amongst facilities.
  • Support evaluation, integration and implementation of INEOS Group Guidance Notes (IGGNs).
  • Lead coordination, management of facility siting studies (e.g. new facilities and required changes) and resolution of action items. Site PSIM Team Leader
  • Conduct and document technical evaluations to support approval and/or management of permanent and temporary building request.
  • Ensure mechanical integrity metrics are reported and associated documentation is completed in accordance to PSIM procedures and expectations.

Accountability 5:

Provide technical support in the implementation of good engineering practices associated with process safety, integrity management and risk management.

  • Support project managers and site teams to deliver risk assessments and/or PSIM deliverables using qualitative and quantitative risk evaluation tools (QRA, HRA, FTA and ALARP Evaluations amongst others).
  • Answer technical questions and provide PSIM interpretations on codes (e.g. OSHA, API, RMP, NFPA, and ISA) from site personnel and/or site leaders.
  • Support SIS Engineering Authority in the risk assessment, scenario evaluation and documentation to comply with Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in accordance with standards (e.g. ISA 84.00.01/IEC 61511).
  • Assure finalized documentation/storage, such as completed TAR/Outage Start Up Checklists and completed applicable process safetyrelated waiver forms.
  • Present to Site Leadership Team on topics related to process safety audits, upcoming impacts to site, draft policies/procedure feedback solicitation, etc.
  • Provide process safety support for site VPP program as it relates to annual self-reporting and management of scheduled inspections.

Accountability 6:

Provide Site Support to sustain and/or enhance SHEQ programs and/or employee participation.

  • Provide new employee training on process safety topics such as site PSM program overview, Loss of Containment, MOC Database, etc.
  • Coordinate and lead effective delivery of Process Safety Committee objectives by promoting participation, employee engagement, review of topics and reporting of KPI’s to drive PSIM improvements and broadening PSIM acumen of site personnel.
  • Provide support to development of SHE initiatives/procedures in the areas of personnel safety and emergency preparedness, as needed.
  • Leads and/or supports incidents investigations and/or root cause failure analysis at manufacturing sites.
  • Support in the assessment, implementation and resolution of INEOS 20 Principles action items and recommendations.
  • Support Site leadership driving timely and effective actions item management to deliver resolution/mitigations for open and/overdue action items.
  • Support Maintenance team in the sustainability and continuous improvements of the mechanical integrity program by organizing audits and reporting on best practices and opportunities for improvements.

Accountability 7:

Leadership and People Development

The PSIM Team Leader has direct accountability of technical professionals.

  • Leads the available resources, by influence, within the organization and the worksite to assure objectives/goals of the team are delivered.
  • Effectively communicate to the PSM team and the operations organization the PSM business strategies, performance measures, and objectives.
  • Ensure the work force is adequately trained and have the tools necessary to perform their roles safely and efficiently.
  • Mentors, coaches, motivates, and evaluates the PSM team to deliver exceptional business performance by providing opportunities for development and enhancement of skills and competencies.
  • Promote work and family balance and wellness behavior to the PSM team members.
  • Conduct periodical performance review, workload prioritization and team meetings to maintain continuous delivery while enhancing team productivity.
  • Co-Chair of Process Safety Committee

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical or equivalent engineering degree is required.
  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in Petrochemical Industry and/or Manufacturing with direct accountability for Process Safety Management delivery and/or support.

Skills and Competencies

Technical and Behavioural Skills

• Understanding of Federal and State regulations relative to Process Safety (USOSHA PSM 1910.119 and US-EPA RMP 40 CFR 68).

• Significant experience in facilitating PHAsLOPAs, and Management of Change Risk Review sessions.

• Strong technical knowledge and bias to search, reference engineering practices/codes (e.g. NFPA, API, EPA, ASME, ISA, PIP’s, etc.) when addressing PSIM and Risk Management inquiries.

• Ability to lead, coordinate, conduct, document, audits and propose recommendations to address gaps/findings from audits (e.g. PSIM, SHEQ and Operational Audits).

• Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication. Site PSIM Team Leader

• Strong bias to drive resolution and closure by facilitating meetings, driving consensus, reviewing data, documenting and sharing decisions and agreed path forward through meeting notes and other documents.

• Ability to interface, build positive relationships and seek out manufacturing sites and SHEQ team’s feedback.

• Ability to influentially communicate regulatory requirements and practices to deliver PSM objectives, policies and guidance’s.

• Strong leadership skills, including ability to lead and motivate individuals and teams, from position of no authority.

• Ability to promote and inspire others to embrace change and drive continuous improvement.

• Ability to work efficiently in a multi-disciplined, cross-functional environment.

• Ability to plan/organize tasks and consistently produce results with minimal supervision.

• Proven performance in Project Management and leading in an environment of competing and changing priorities.

• Ability to comprehend, analyse, and understand the legal aspects of legislation and develop compliance programs to decrease facility process safety liabilities and risks.

• Knowledge of dispersion modelling techniques and software programs preferred (e.g. RMP*Comp, ALOHA, CAMEO, PHAST).

• Proven computer skills (Microsoft Office Software, SharePoint).

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.