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Shift Supervisor

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Job Title

[[Shift Supervisor ]] 


[[Ningbo, China]]  

A. Purpose /Role of the job /: Describe in 1 phrase what contribution the job is expected to make to the organisation’s objectives

  • The shift supervisor is responsible for a safe, continue and efficient running operations of the installation and his shift team.

B. Environment/Context/Complexity of the job: Describe the most important internal and external factors influencing the job

Internal factors:

  • Coordination with all AA & Utilities team members such as production manager, production day supervisor and operators
  • Coordination with shift supervisors of ABS 5 and ABS 6 plants

External factors:

  • Coordination with other on-site stakeholders such as maintenance, SHE department, logistics and offline laboratory sampling
  • Guiding external personal from other INSTY sites within the installation in case of visits
  • Coordinate offsite tanks and pipe rack on daily operation.

C. Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job: Describe the main results expected from the job, sum up to 100%

  1.  SHE 30%
  • Promote and comply with the “INEOS Life Saving Rules” and the “20 INEOS SHE Principles”.
  • Supports to achieve the SHE goals of the site and the company by actively participation in the continuous improvement of safety and brings in own ideas and improvement proposals.
  • Promote and participate in SHE programs and SHE initiatives (observations, field checks, quality management tours, asset care tours, …).
  • Informing/notifying/implementing and motivating safety-relevant themes (5 min security before shift start, SHE-Alerts, TOFS sessions (time out for safety), LMRA (last minute risk assessment) stopping work or unsafe situations…). Adhere to these themes.
  • Performing or supporting incident analyses.
  • Perform or support task risk analyses. Implement and follow-up of actions from task risk analyses.
  • Preparation or review of SOP’s, ERP’s and safety related instructions and procedures. Follow these instructions and ensure shift teams is educated in these and follows accordingly
  • Taking care of the safety-oriented introduction of new employees together with training coordinator
  • Follow up the internal and external training obligations of his team together with training coordinator
  1. Operational activities 40%
  • Reports to the production manager and production day supervisor about daily production,  discruptions in AA production or utilities, incidents, AA product quality issues and staffing problems.Holds responsibility to ensure that the process is running stable within the operating envelopes and reports any deviation to the production day supervisors and production manager. if necessary, contacts the colleague on-duty, in case of issues outside the normal working hours
  • Carries out a shift inspection tour of the installations.
  • Is responsible for proper housekeeping of the installations .Acts as a contact person to the maintenance team and prepares the necessary permits.
  • Leads the shift team in emergency response, troubleshooting, preparation of maintenance and inspection activities, start/stop/cleaning activities and plant trials.
  • Ensures and sets the example that the actual versions of the SOP’s, ERP’s, non-routine tasks and start/stop procedures are available and followed by the shift workers and informs production day supervisor in case it’s required to deviate from normal practice
  • Actively participates in meetings (morning meeting, permit-to-work meeting, shift leaders meeting, ...)
  1. Management of shift team 30%
  • Functional leadership to the shift operators
  • Organizes his shift to ensure that each position is occupied with sufficient qualification to run and monitor the plant safe and efficient.
  • Plans and coordinates the training of the shift workers together with the training coordinator
  • Encourages and motivates the team workers in achieving the plant targets and KPI’s.
  • Assesses and supervises the shift workers. In this regard, conduct with them performance interviews.
  • Ensures a smooth handover to the next shift by preparing the shift report and informing the next shift leader about the major topics related to SHE, production, ongoing maintenance jobs and product quality. Reports on the daily morning about current status of the plant and major issues.

D. Dimensions: Describe the most representative figures of the job (for example: number of staffs, budget you’re responsible for, number of projects.)


Number or amount in USD


Housekeeping : ascare audit score > 70 %

Issue of permits : 15 - 30 per day

Daily shift report

Production capacity

9 kt/a of AA production  

95 T/h of demin. water generated  

3600 Nm3/h of compressed air generated  

120 T/h waste water treated 

Number of staff


Plant Operability

Min. 98 % reliability

Supervision of staff: Give the number of people you supervise (“Direct” means that they report directly to you, “Indirect” means they report to someone who reports to you.)







E. Main contacts /Interfaces: What are the internal and external contacts you have, necessary for reaching your results?


Frequency of contacts

My role in those contacts 

  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • Consulted
  • Informed

Purpose of contacts

Production Manager



Direct report, Production reporting

Emergency reporting

Production Day Supervisor



On-going production issues, upcoming maintenance,

Day Foreman



Raw material and waste management

On-going production

Another shift leader

Shift handover

Shiftleaders meeting


Shift performance

Plant performance

Critical issues during shift

Emergency or trouble shooting during shift

Upcoming maintenance

Critical equipment status

Outside operations lead

Each Shift


Shift organization Installation status


Each shift


Organization of production

Critical topics

Upcoming maintenance

Maintenance Department

Each shift


Upcoming maintenance

Permit preparation

Logistics department

On demand


Production flow

Raw material feed

[1] R – Responsible for getting tasks done (in terms of practically doing things)

  A – Accountable for the task (approver of costs)

  C – Consulted for the task

   I – Informed about the task

F. Required profile:

Level of education & Knowledge:

  • Bachelor degree in chemical engineering with at a minimum 10 years’ experience in the chemical process industry.
  • Additional knowledge and experience in manufacturing, safety, health and environment as well as in personnel management is preferred

Experience in general:

  • At least 5 years of experience in a managerial position, ideally as a shift leader or assistant team leader at an (petro)chemical company.
  • The leadership express yourself in a natural, respectful way. You enjoy leading a team of assistant team leaders and process operators and you likes to take responsibility.
  • You remain in control, maintain an overview and react alertly in stressful situations and conflicts.
  • You have a strong analytical mind, which allows you to quickly gain insight and offers solutions to problems.
  • You have organizational talent and you can delegate.
  • You are a team-oriented, enthusiastic colleague who enjoys his / her skills share process knowledge with others. You stimulate cooperation within the team and other site functions such as maintenance, E&I, QM …
  • Smooth (written and oral) communication is for you naturally.
  • We require a large portion of responsibility, ownership and flexibility this function.
  • You set an example with regards to implementation and compliance with the principles of occupational and process safety and takes the right one in this area initiatives and decisions.

Technical skills:

  • ABS process knowledge or relevant polymerization process or utilities operations beneficial
  • Capable on reading and understanding technical drawings, developing of safety related instructions
  • Good command of risk management and prevention.
  • Solid grasp of health and safety rules.
  • Learning the Group’s production methods and general plant operation
  • Become proficient in procedures through in-house training
  • Well experienced/knowledgeable of the LOTO process beneficial
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Good oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to thoroughly understand and follow complex work procedures.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Demonstrated computer skills.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to frequently (70-100%) stand, ascend and descend stairs, turn valve/wrench handles, stoop, and reach at/below shoulder height.
  • Must be able to occasionally (30-60%) sit, walk, ascend and descend caged ladders, bend, kneel/crouch/crawl, reach above shoulder height, tolerate repetitive motion and utilize fine motor dexterity.
  • Must be able to infrequently (10-20%) twist.
  • Normal shift is 12 hours. Possibility of working extra hours on the shift with additional compensation, within legal allowed limits.
  • Must be able to work inside 50% of the time and work outside 50% of the time.
  • Must work alone 60% of the time and work with others 40% of the time.
  • Must be able to frequently work in extreme cold or heat and around high noise levels over 85 dB(A)s.
  • Must be able to occasionally work at heights. May require ½ face respirator, full-face respirator as needed.
  • Must be able to infrequently work with vibratory tools, do confined space entry, operate vehicles, and work with automated machinery.
  • Must be able to wear steel-toed shoes, safety glasses, long sleeves, hearing protection, fall protection and other PPEs as warranted.
  • Must be able to frequently work at a moderate pace.
  • Must be able to occasionally work closely with co-workers, rely on the assistance of others to accomplish daily tasks and at a rapid pace.
  • Must be able to lift (pushing & pulling effort while stationary) max 25kg.
  • Must be able to carry (pushing & pulling effort while walking) max 25 kg.
  • Must be able to complete and maintain INEOS Forklift Driving Certification.
  • Must be able to complete and maintain Governmental required training for safety personal and process polymerization
  • Must be able to complete and maintain INEOS process training for on-boarding
  • Must have the ability to see written documents, computer screens and to adjust focus.
  • Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and to make discriminations in sound. Must perceive the nature of sounds at normal speaking levels, with or without correction.
  • This position is considered a “safety critical job”, which requires continuous study (SOP’s, Training Manuals, procedural updates), for the employee to be always alert, able to concentrate on their task at hand, and not impaired by medications (prescription, non-prescription, illegal or legal substances including alcohol), or any other mental condition which adversely affects alertness, concentration, or judgment.

Competencies, Behavioral skills:

  • Professional image, open minded, excellent communication with people with different culture, strong logical sense, detail oriented.

G. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results are achieved - related to the accountabilities

  • Company/Region/Plant/Shift team level SHE performance
  • Plant Key performance indicators
  • Leadership and guidance for shift team, team achievements

Complied training of shift team (for enhancing staffing flexibility)

If you require further information please contact [[Can Gu]].

Of course, your application will be treated confidentially.

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