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SIPs Coordinator [Insulation]

SIPs Coordinator [Insulation] 


This is an exciting time to join us at our Grangemouth site, INEOS’ largest manufacturing asset. Having committed to significant investment over the next few years, we now require a Scaffold Co-ordinator with relevant experience to play a key role in the delivery and support of this growth in our business.

Job Purpose

  • Coordinate delivery of Scaffolding, Insulation and Painting service (SIPs) 
  • Support delivery of project works working in conjunction with the maintenance team.
  • Interface with the TAR workpack engineer & schedulers to plan, schedule, estimate, progress monitor, bill and closeout verification of SIP activity.
  • Interface with the SIP term contractor and any other SIPs contracts put in place, to
    • ensure that the costs of individual SIPs tasks are estimated correctly
    • drive delivery of scheduled and un-scheduled tasks
    • monitor and report upon progress
    • ensure that Scaffold conforms to relevant legislation/standards and that the quality of Insulation and Painting meets business requirements/standards
    • ensure that contractor valuations for / billing of completed tasks is appropriate / accurate / timely
  • Ensure delivery of the SIPs scope that meets the requirements of the O&P asset(s) and that is safe, productive and cost effective.
  • Scaffold - Manage the standing scaffolds on site and coordinate with job owners, to ensure timely/prompt off hiring and dismantling. Review scaffold register weekly to influence job owners on the actions necessary.
  • Insulation – Endure any fabrication is planned, tracked and delivered in good time prior to the TAR

Principle Accountabilities

  • Deliver an integrated and cost effective scaffolding, insulation and painting service for the business ensuring individual work packages are completed on time and within budget.
  • Oversee and endorse scaffolding, insulation, and painting estimates, ensuring a quality service, and that the service represents value for money.
  • Drive the execution of individual SIPs activities
  • Drive contractor productivity and identify/eliminate issues that adversely affect productivity.
  • Monitor contractor performance and report back to SIPs Team Leader on issues identified.
  • Coordinate with the asset’s planners
  • Lead individual SIPs task scoping activity
  • Support scope development and constructability reviews to ensure services requirements are optimised for each event/project/initiative.
  • Carry out quality inspections, review of actual costs vs. estimated costs, to ensure all services are aligned with the job requirements and represent value for money.
  • Influence SIPs contractor employees (by mentoring, coaching, training or other legitimate means) to deliver the required tasks/scopes in the manner and to the quality required by INEOS.
  • Keep up to date with SIPs technology/standards and maintain/develop your own skills across the SIPs disciplines (e.g. in inspecting scaffolds for defects, design requirements and in the inspection of insulation and painting for quality).

Special Features

  • The need for the role derives from the way the SIPs term contract is designed to operate.
  • The role requires coordination across all aspects of SIPs implementation on the allocated asset(s) and its associated projects
  • The role involves working with systems, procedures, and interfaces across the following:
  • The TAR planning and workpack teams
  • The TAR Manager
  • The SIP Contractor

Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills

  • 5 years’ experience with a SIPs contractor
  • Extensive experience at supervisor on SIPs contracts (in either a client or contractor role)
  • Direct experience of SIPs within the oil and gas industry and in working on term contracts, projects and TARs.
  • Scaffold role: Good knowledge & experience of system & conventional scaffold usage in conjunction with NASC guidance, particularly SG4:15, TG20:13.
  • Insulation / Painting role: Detailed understanding of hot & cold insulation systems and standards.
  • Ability to read isometric drawings & understand work packs.
  • Ability to scope & estimate work packages use task based norms and rates.
  • Proven track record in monitoring and driving contractor performance
  • Proven track record in delivering allocated targets.
  • Able to communicate effectively at all levels (and in particular with client planning teams and SIP contractor employees/supervisors)
  • Proven track record in influencing and in delivering business expectations.
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