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Rail Coordinator



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Job title: Logistics Rail Coordinator – Acetyls Americas

Grade: 33

Department/service: INEOS Acetyls – Naperville

People Manager or Individual Contributor:

Individual Contributor

If PM, indicate # of reports:

Reports to: Declan Sealy, Business Director

Effective Date:

Purpose/Role of the job

Support the rail operations and rail equipment requirements for INEOS Acetyls Americas, including the railcar tracking, rail fleet sizing / optimization, railcar lease strategy and negotiation, empty railcar fleet management and direct relationship management of 3rd party logistics service providers including railcar tracking and rail fleet management.

Key Accountabilities

Accountability 1: Rail Operations

  • Review equipment position reports daily and follow up with carriers for resolution on trip plan/delays.  Follow up with third party Intellitrans for billing and documentation.  Follow up with sales, account coordinators, product management, and manufacturing sites with status communication, etc.
  • Coordinate and facilitate empty railcar pipeline so that manufacturing sites have appropriate number of railcars on site and in pipeline to load and keep operations running smoothly.  Create empty railcar pipeline reports to communicate with stake holders.  Railcar balance and position reports reviewed daily.
  • Manage third party Alltranstek contract and relationship.  Hold monthly meetings to review standing agenda including equipment programs, invoice issues, and other equipment questions and status.

Accountability 2: Rail Equipment

  • Conduct fleet sizing analysis for the INEOS Acetyls rail fleets.  Gather input data (volumes, transit and dwell data - rail turn performance, etc.) and run through fleet scenarios.  Annually or as needed.
  • Review and approve equipment invoices via Alltranstek (i.e. railcar lease rentals, maintenance, 3rd party rail services, etc.).
  • Manage third party Alltranstek contract and relationship.  Hold monthly meetings to review standing agenda including equipment programs, invoice issues, and other equipment questions and status.
  • Manage HM-216b inspection cycle for INEOS Acetyls tank cars as required at 10 year intervals.  Work with Alltranstek and lessors to pull cars out of the fleet, identify a shop and program details to balance certification needs and align with business operational needs and seasonality.
  • Manage OTMAs with Alltranstek (One Time Movement Approval required by US authorities (FRA)) to get approval to move tank cars with equipment problems to shop or loading facility. Seek and receive approval from railroads for movement.  Monitor car to ensure appropriate documentation and arrival to destination.
  • Work with business to collect information about railcar issues while car is en route or at customer.  Work with Alltranstek to contract a mobile repair unit to make repair.  Communicate status with business, so they can inform customer.
  • Work with Alltranstek to review and approve railcar property tax assessments.  Provide necessary information, such as fleet positions, as needed to file the taxes.

Accountability 3: Rail Commercial

  • Either directly negotiate rail freight contracts or provide business information and support to process and Procurement team involved in negotiating larger rail contracts with significant spend (e.g. CSX/NS).  Provide formal quotes for new or prospective lanes/customers to business by contacting railroads directly.  Provide estimated quotes for prospective customers for bidding purposes utilizing US Rail Desktop software.
  • Maintain railcar leasing (or owned) profile.  Inform businesses of upcoming lease expirations and work with business to understand fleet needs, decide on renewal need, and negotiate renewals across the portfolio of rail lease providers.  Understand potential new car build needs and work with business to approve and progress new railcar builds with rail lease providers.

Accountability 4: Other rail support

  • Maintain SAP rail activities.  Enter rail freight rates (through rates and Rule 11 rates) as needed per contract changes and enter fuel surcharges monthly.  Review SAP freight exception for rail and resolve missing information so freight can pay.  Enter vendor POs for logistics suppliers annually.
  • Review and approve exception invoices (for CTL processing).  (e.g. demurrage invoices, empty storage moves, monthly, storage fees, invoices with missing information)
  • Work with IT to open tickets for new and changed route and transit time updates in SAP.  Work with the business to complete testing to ensure new routes and transits pull into order.
  • Create and provide quarterly customer rail demurrage reports to INEOS Acetyls business as requested.

Education and Experience:

Level of education & Experience in general

  • Degree level education in logistics or equivalent experience
  • 7 years work experience in logistics, supply chain or operations within the petro chemical industry preferred
  • 2 years operations experience

Job Requirements:

Technical skills

  • 5 years prior experience in rail transportation and / or rail equipment management
  • Relationship management
  • Logistics operations understanding

Behavioral skills

  • Good communicator
  • Good interpersonal and networking skills
  • A team player
  • Personal impact
  • Able to identify and quickly assess effective solutions

Safety remains and always will be our number one priority in INEOS. Our US locations now require all new hires to provide one of the following as a condition of employment:

• Proof of Covid-19 vaccination, or

• Willingness to obtain the vaccine before hire date (under this option, proof of vaccination is a condition to any offer of employment and must be provided prior to commencement of employment), or

• Validation of your religious or medical exemption

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.