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Pilot Plant Process control & Operation - RDC

A. Purpose /Essential Role: Describe in ONE phrase what contribution the job is expected to make to the organisation’s objectives

  • Planning and execution of Polymerization trials in pilot plant. Support global and local rubber efficiency improvement and modification projects.

B. Environment/Context/Complexity of the job: Describe the most important internal and external factors influencing the job

Set up the proper procedure for various pilot plant activities, prepare SOP and keep records

The quality of the produced rubber can change if the proper SOP is not followed in addition to this there is a risk of reaction failure and off grade is produced.

C. Responsibilities/Accountabilities of the job: Describe the main results expected from the job

  1. Key Result Areas: Aligning with Triple Shift Strategy of global R&D planning related to Pilot Plant Operation

Major Activities:

  • Recipe preparation for the polymerization trials and approval from higher authority.
  • Adjusting ingredient feeding according and Pilot plant instrument limitations and interlocks.
  • Planning pilot plant operation to operate it in safe and controlled conditions of temperature and pressure.
  • Continuous monitoring of process parameter for success of new product development.
  • Preparation of the process report from SCADA


  • New product development, Process enhancement and ingredient optimization.
  1. Key Result Areas: Pilot plant maintenance and asset care

Major Activities:

  • Keep record of schedule for the maintenance and calibration of the critical instruments
  • Coordination for the maintenance and calibration of the instrument within time frame
  • Regular checkup of the pilot plant accessories and equipment
  • Asset care activities in pilot plant for sustenance


  • To keep pilot plant in healthy condition and safe for operations
  1. Key Result Areas: Polymer analysis.

Major Activities:

  • Analysis of the pilot plant latex at various stages of the reaction


  • Support team in analysis for new product development.

  1. Key Result Areas: Compounding Operations for pilot plant

Major Activities:

  • Set process parameter according to product requirement by taking in consideration of heat stability of the material and minimum shear to get good quality product.


  • Recipe validation, bench marking and new rubber development
  1. Key Result Areas: Technical support for customer complaint.

Major Activities :

  • Verification of customer issues in the respective product.
  • Preparation of report on investigation of complaint with supporting testing results
  • UDB file creation from mold flow raw material data as per customer requirement


  • Support technical service team for customer requirements.
  1. Key Result Areas: SAP & Purchase support

Major Activities :

  • Preparation of code generation request and coordination for the same
  • PR generation in SAP for the RDC lab requirements
  • Coordination of the PR release and purchase for pilot plant items


  • To keep inventory of all the pilot plant spares and ancillaries to reduce down time

D. Dimensions: Describe the most representative figures of the job (for example: number of staff, budget you’re responsible for, number of projects,)


Number or amount in €

Pilot plant trials

15-20 batch


10-12 trials

Supervision of staff: Give the number of people you supervise (“Direct” means that they report directly to you, “Indirect” means they report to someone who reports to you.)







E. Main contacts /Interfaces: What are the internal and external contacts you have, necessary for reaching your results?


Frequency of contacts

My role in those contacts [1]

  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • Consulted
  • Informed

Purpose of contacts

Head of R&D



Batch preparation

Sr. Manager



Running batches




Giving instructions

Nandesari Plant head



Scale up activities

[1] R – Responsible for getting tasks done (in terms of practically doing things)

  A – Accountable for the task (approver of costs)

  C – Consulted for the task

   I – Informed about the task

F. Required profile:

Level of education & Knowledge:

B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent

Experience in general: 

B.Tech (min 3 yrs) & M.Tech (1-2 yrs) experience in polymer industry

Technical skills:

Knowledge of ABS Polymerization process and pilot plant ancillaries

SCADA and PLC knowledge

Autodesk Mold flow Synergy analysis software.

Compounding, processing and SAP knowledge.

Competencies, Behavioral skills: 

  • Results orientation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer orientation
  • Valuing and respecting people
  • Reliability & Responsibility
    G. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results are achieved - related to the accountabilities
  • Successful op
    Overall utilization of the compounding and moulding units by number of hours
    Reliability or Authenticity of the test results
    Good Machine maintenance

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