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Mechanical Maintenance Associate

This role is eligible for referral program!If you are referred by one of our internal INEOS Aromatics China Employee, you and our employee can join the program by accessing and completing forms on this link:


Purpose of the Job:

  • To execute routine mechanical maintenance works and assigned SD/TAR tasks for one unit, to follow work order processes and support operation to deliver safe and reliable production as well as efficient, costly execution.


Rresponsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job: 


  • Deliver Safety KPI’s (OSHA recordable injuries, first aids, near misses, loss of containment, inspection overdues, incident investigation, open actions, etc.)
  • Compliance with and promotion of local laws and regulations, INEOS Life Safety Rules, INEOS IGGNs and 20 INEOS Principles
  • Promoting and upholding behavioral and process safety directives, initiatives, measures, and supporting 20 INEOS principles, IGGN's, SHE KPI's, risk assessments, …)
  • Take part in the legal and compliance training that the position required and get certificate if it has.
  • Has the obligation and responsibility to report and correct the unsafe behavior and unsafe condition that she/he observed

Plant Integrity, reliability, and Availability delivery:

  • To perform troubleshoot on assigned area to eliminate equipment defects at initial stage to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • To implement PPMs and site patrol inspection with high quality on execute QC checklist, find and in-time report defect, in-time eliminate unsafety issues
  • Identify and feedback opportunities for PPM optimization, reliability improvement, integrity issues
  • To strictly follow QC/QA process and properly document/record for further analysis.
  • To lead assigned AAR and support RCFA investigation on input related information, assist reliability improvement study for specific equipment.

Planning and routine work:

  • To develop specific work order planning (work scheme, labors, spare parts, and tools etc.) for assigned unit/area; follow work order process from notification till confirm of work, and proper documentation records
  • To implement planning works on safe, quality, scheduling manner
  • To feedback planning work’s deviation to planner, supervisor for continue improve planning works more efficiency
  • To execute urgent work requests to ensure safe and reliable operations.
  • To continuously optimize tools, working proposal, materials, and service etc. for cost reduce.
  • To support other units when need.
  • To prepare related materials, issue PR, clarify requirement/specification with procurement engineer, vendor
  • Maintain assigned area equipment’s inventory on spare part

TAR Execution

  • To develop TAR work order planning package and set QA/QC plan in assigned works, like mechanical isolation and de-isolation work, valve/pipe works, and others
  • To work as job representative and supervise contractors to execute TAR work package as assigned to meet TAR safety, quality, schedule, and cost targets
  • To support operation to shut down and start up unit safely and timely.
  • To report issues on safety, equipment, and support team deliver TAR performance target. 

Contractor management

  • To instruct and coach contractor work execution to meet INEOS PTW procedure and safety requests. Like risk assessment, coordinate PTW issue, toolbox meeting, technical/proposal communication meeting, etc.
  • To lead/supervise/audit contractors on site ensure work safety, quality, efficiency executes.
  • To support in-house contractor companies, maintain / improve their performance and capability on technical training and share learning


Required profile:

Education background

  • College graduated or above, majored in Mechanical Engineering, machinery maintenance, or equivalent discipline.


  • Requires at least 3 years of experience in mechanical maintenance/diagnosis for process industries.
  • Has working experience and good understanding in mechanical equipment like compressor, turbine, agitator, pump, dryer, rotary filter, boiler, pressure vessel, heat exchange, piping and valve, tower, filter etc.
  • Skillful application of repairing technique and tools used on above equipment’s maintenance.
  • Good understanding and working experience of maintenance work order process and computerized maintenance management system like SAP, etc.


  • Computer skill- familiar with Microsoft office is essential
  • Good initiative and ability to learn new knowledge and skill.
  • Good communication skill to work with people from other department/groups and contractor
  • Safety & Risk