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Manager, Information and Tech


INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

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INEOS Olefins and Polymers USA is one of the largest integrated producers of olefins and polyolefins in North America.  From its manufacturing locations at Chocolate Bayou and LaPorte, Texas, it is a merchant marketer of butadiene, ethylene, polypropylene, and high-density polyethylene with annual revenue of $6.5 billion. The IT organization provides support to 1900 employees and 600 contractors.

How the Role Fits In:

Context: Through IT, enable the efficient, secure operation of all aspects of the O&P USA business, and leverage same for the benefit of the global INEOS organization.

Objective: Develop and maintain a clear, long term Information Technology strategy for the business. Develop plans to ensure the IT strategy is delivered and is successful.  The goal is to maintain or improve business performance by developing and maintaining cost effective and highly functional technology systems.  Extend the organization's expertise for the benefit of all INEOS businesses.

Environment: Aggressive growth agenda, specifically:

The IT Manager's responsibility has a scope comprised of multiple sites and business functions in O&P, WL Plastics, and US Oil & Gas.  In addition to a broader service and product portfolio, this brings new and often novel technology requirements, increasing the complexity of the business's applications and infrastructure landscape.

Information Technology must provide comprehensive systems and services that enable the operation of all aspects of the Company:  Commercial, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering, Research, Performance, Accounting, HR, SHE, etc.  Supporting an aggressive growth agenda without negative impact on day-to-day operations of the business is the most important aspect of the job.  To do this, the IT Manager and team will need to work closely with (and understand) all parts of the business and influence process change with the goal of developing a technology system that maintains or improves business performance and enables the business processes for the next 10+ years. 

Extensive knowledge and relationships with external technology and service providers is necessary to accomplish the business objectives, and the IT Manager functions as the de-facto CIO and face-to-the-market in this capacity, including those that impact the entirety of the INEOS global organization.

The IT Manager is responsible for developing a team of 30 professions who are not only experts in the technologies they support, but experts in our business processes.  This approach was selected to help develop future leaders of the business.

The employee in this role deals with situations that have little or no direct precedent.  It is frequently necessary to confront the unknown.  They must be able to identify and develop new standards, as opposed to simply applying existing standards.

This position is directed by broad, cross-functional strategic goals.  The employee develops portions of corporate functional strategies for optimizing and growing overall business performance. This position develops local and global discipline policies and practices as well as approves modified and new procedures and standards.

The individual performs complex tasks that must be coordinated with tasks outside the work unit, business, or organization; The individual provides advice and counsel to Senior Business Management.  The individual provides guidance and advice to other functions and organizations in other businesses. The role requires extensive interaction with external third parties.

Purpose of Job

Responsible for Information Technology strategy, planning, execution, support, and leadership in the O&P business in a manner that enables the business to achieve all operational, financial, and growth objectives.  Provides Global and Regional leadership and accountability for the benefit of the broader INEOS group in multiple technologies, including full life cycle management, strategy, delivery, support, and process improvements.  Is the global face-to-market for multiple strategic business partners and industry associations.


Accountability 1:

• Work closely with C-level executives to create strategic plans for the business’ future growth.

• Analyze and understand the Company’s  technology infrastructure and align it with the business’ strategic plans.

• Develop, improve, and maintain a comprehensive communication and collaboration system for the company, including network infrastructure, wide area connectivity, telecoms, etc.

• Develop, improve, and maintain robust, integrated software application systems for the company, with the goals of maintaining reliability, data integrity, and security of Company IP.

• Work closely with project managers to ensure optimum allocation and utilization of technology resources.

• Recruit, Develop, and Supervise professional, highly educated and high-graded technology staff.

• Ensure that the company’s IT operations adhere to local laws and industry standards.

• Establish, Monitor and Control the delivery of the IT department’s operative goals and objectives.

• Predict, Recognize and Respond to changing requirements for IT resources.

• Understand the fast changing landscape of technology services and products, and be able to identify those with the potential to bring value to the O&P business.

• Develop security policies and processes that protect the company’s infrastructure and data. In addition, understand the fast changing cyber threat landscape, and be able to respond effectively to minimize business downtime, financial losses, and reputational damage. 

The role has  senior oversight  for delivery of all technology aspects of M&A activities, including assessments, due diligence, transformations, and integrations.  Scope includes infrastructure, SAP, applications, telecoms, policies and processes.  Post-acquisition, responsible for the effective operation of the acquired systems.

The IT Manager is responsible for corporate-wide IT synergies and solutions for global contracts to the benefit of all INEOS businesses.

Partners include Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, Elemica, Arkieva, and Oracle.

Most important activities:

• Maintain close working relationships with IT Managers throughout INEOS to be able to leverage contracts effectively.

• Establish strategic partnerships with key service providers.

• Manage vendor relationships, and negotiate contracts in such a manner that the resulting commercial relationship benefits all Ineos companies party to the relevant contracts

• In coordination with IT Procurement, the IT Manager leads in the strategy and negotiation process for procurement of services or equipment, including the development of Requests for Proposals (RFP) for vendors.

• Required to lead global IT programs that impact all INEOS businesses.

Accountability 2:

• Problem Solving with regional and global scope (both within and external to INEOS) is a key responsibility for the position, and the employee works with abstract concepts, turning them into opportunities to improve corporate performance. 

• Actively identifies state of the art knowledge in other areas and adapts that knowledge to achieve business improvements.

• The scope of work done by the individual requires the integration of the entire process/system (e.g. integration of multiple, mixed-use systems) often affecting the entirety of the business . External focus is critical to successful delivery.

• The employee leads the team to achieve results that support the overall objectives of the business.  The position determines how and when to achieve objectives.  No direct monitoring of the job is needed.

Accountability 3:

Face to Market: Function as the CIO externally:  Fortune 100 firms such as Microsoft, SAP, Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and Oracle rely on this role to develop strategic partnerships that support the INEOS technology (IT/OT), cyber security, and business process strategies.

Establishing and operating within an area budget agreed with the CFO with focus on providing required functionality at appropriate quality and at lowest total cost of ownership. The IT Manager has primary responsibility subject to general / strategic guidance from O&P board members.

Most important activities:

• Understand and manage the variety of costs associated with IT:  hardware, licenses, support, services, staffing, allocations, and projects

• Understand and manage the business impact and criticality of elements of IT so that optimal cost/benefit solutions can be implemented to support the O&P agenda.

• Bridge the gap between IT and the business through communication, and encourage innovation to help the business visualize what is possible.

• Has accountability to create concensus and buy-in of end-user clients affected by new business processes and applications.

Accountability 4:

Accountable for the successful delivery of IT applications, ERP,  infrastructure, and operations projects at O&P sites without adverse business impact. Anticipates future technology needs, and identifies proactive solutions to satisfy needs.

Most important activities:

• Direct the Program and Project Managers to assure delivery of cost effective systems that deliver measurable value to the business.

• Manage the relationship with IT’s clients in the business to fully understand business requirements and set expectations of the systems being delivered.

• Develop novel solutions for complex problems.

Functionality developed and supported by IT must support O&P corporate-wide, including Commercial, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering, Procurement, Research, Performance, Accounting, HR, SHE, etc., and the complexity associated with the integration of diverse business activities.

Most important activities:

• Ensure the IT team has the ability and motivation to understand not only the technology behind the systems, but also the general business processes in use throughout O&P

• Ensure the IT team has hands-on involvement in implementation of new applications such that they are capable of training, trouble-shooting, and supporting new systems



BS in Technical or Financial area, MBA a plus

10+ years experience

Experience in commodity chemicals business


Technical skills

• Understands and designs highly complex aspects of a wide range of technologies and performs work without supervision. 

• Is a widely recognized expert in multiple fields.

• Is able to anticipate industry trends and changes in the environment, and develop plans needed to adapt to such.

• Strong, broad understanding of INEOS business processes and the major applications that support them.

• In depth understanding of IT operations and service delivery and highly proficient in implementation of IT systems.

• Highly skilled at integration and management of diverse activities and complex technologies.

• Highly skilled and experienced in managing performance, budgeting, and program/project management.

• Able to diagnose and solve complex, rare technical or process issues, and evaluate impact on business.  Is frequently called upon by other organizations to assist in problem resolution.  Is a recognized expert in multiple technologies or practices.

Behavioral skills

• Highly skilled in understanding, motivating, and developing staff members.

• Demonstrated ability to manage costs and service delivery balanced with a strong customer focus

• Highly skilled / proven ability to deliver creative solutions in a changing business environment.

• Self-starter, flexible mindset, extremely delivery oriented.

• Track record of establishing strong relationships with customers and the ability to deliver on demanding internal business objectives.

• Track record for prioritization of work to match changing business priorities and conflicting demands on resources.

• Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) and the ability to interact across different cultures and time zones.

• Expected to have regular interaction with management and counterparts in multiple businesses and countries.

• Deals with novel or nonrecurring pathfinding situations requiring the development of imaginative approaches and new concepts.

• Adapts to multiple/changing demands readily. 

• Can see applications for practices from different industries that could benefit our business, and leads multi-functional teams to successfully implements them.

• Consistently demonstrates strategic and visionary behaviors.

• Mentors team members with the goal of developing future leaders for the business.

Our culture is one of honesty and integrity with an emphasis on safety, health and environmental performance.On our team, people are acknowledged for embracing new practices that help create real value for customers.