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Maintenance Specialist Planner (Mechanical)

Maintenance Specialist Planner (Mech)


A truly global company, INEOS is one of the world’s largest chemical companies.

Having committed to significant investment over the next few years, we now require a Mechanical Maintenacne Specialist Planner with relevant experience to play a key role in the delivery and support of this growth in our business.

Job Purpose

    • Short, Medium and long term planning for KG backlog related but not limited to Statuary Inspections, Process Cleanings, Corrective Maintenance, Time Based Maintenance planning and Major outages/overhauls.
    • Coordinate the execution of all work for the allocated discipline(s) on the KG Asset.
    • Fully and correctly identify the scope of work for all preventative and corrective maintenance tasks
    • Prepare WONs as necessary for all resources necessary to successfully deliver the scope (e.g. scaffold, lagging, mechanical/electrical/instrument/analyser resource, contractor resource, inspection, NDT, carnage, cleaning, other specialists etc).
    • Schedule work appropriately… all preventative work being scheduled 6 months in advance, all non-urgent corrective maintenance being scheduled as far in advance as possible (and not less than 6 weeks in advance) and all urgent (Rime 1&2) being scheduled to relevant timescales.
    • Plan and pre-engineer all maintenance and TAR activities across the KG asset to ensure safe and efficient execution of maintenance work to meet site KPI compliance


Delivering Maintenance and Planning on the KG Asset

  • The KG asset consists of a significant number of plant items :- circa 5,000 process items, 1,000 motors, 7,500 valves and safety valves, 16,000 instruments, 100 tanks and towers, 2,000 process vessels and heat exchangers etc.
  • The role leads the planning and scheduling of maintenance scope for the allocated discipline(s) on the KG Asset (including projects, turnarounds (TARs) and planned/corrective maintenance).
  • The role requires interaction with contractors, workshop supervisors, craftsmen, the Control of Work Team etc.
  • The role involves supervising the on-site activities of contractors
  • Training, coaching and mentoring of contractors in INEOS’s systems and procedures.
  • Manage / control the cost of maintenance to achieve best value for INEOS. The role currently has a Delegation of Authority level of £0.
  • The role includes, but is not limited to the following…
    • Planning and Scheduling Preventative Maintenance (that is triggered from Maximo)
    • Planning and Scheduling Corrective Maintenance (that arises from defect identification)
    • Planning and Scheduling allocated project work and TAR scopes
    • Visit site as necessary to identify scoping and interface issues
    • Preparing Risk Assessed Permit (RAP) documents as necessary (particularly with respect to defining the scope of work and the methods and tools to be used) and passing to Control Of Work (COW) team for checking and review of process release/isolation aspects etc.
    • Developing COSHH Assessments for substances to be used during the job)
    • Developing Manual Handling Assessments for jobs involving manual handling
    • Completing AP2 forms where work involves excavation
    • Monitor progress of works and facilitate / drive completion to meet or beat agreed timescales.
    • Arrange, develop and agree the maintenance plan to safely deliver asset integrity and availability 

Principle Accountabilities

  • Execute the process that plans and schedules the KG asset’s maintenance work for a rolling 6 month window for any scope of work (statuary, repairs, process cleanings, …)
  • Deliver an agreed 6-week fully engineered and resourced plan to optimises the use of resources and delivers a productive, cost effective and safe maintenance service to the Asset
  • Gathers, Plan, pre-engineer and coordinate all maintenance work for the allocated discipline including ensuring all Method Statements (MSs), Risk Assessments (RAs), other documentation, materials, tools/equipment, services, and Ineos/3rd party resources are available to deliver the KG maintenance plan.
  • Assures all Statuary Inspections are Planned, executed and completed 6 weeks prior due dates.
  • Assure all jobs are planned according to Planning Processes and Ineos standards
  • Contributes to ensure all resources are planned respecting the rule 20% unplanned events / 80% planned workload.
  • Conduct field walk-down to verify job requirements, completing at least 2 job site visits for all work to allow to plan the activity and explain the scope of work once job is planned
  • Monitor and drive progress to meet the schedule (by interaction with relevant individuals/groups and via attendance at daily, weekly and monthly planning/coordination meetings). Identify, address and report upon issues with the potential to effect scope, progress, quality or cost.
  • Actively supports unplanned events (RIEM 1&2’s) by providing planning knowledge support. Registers current issues to plan future work to avoid issues.
  • Develop and plan TAR scope(s) and assist in delivering TAR workload (ad-hoc)
  • Scope and estimate (and/or procure contractor estimates for) all requested Ineos and contractor work, challenging as necessary prior to work commencing. Progress work authorisation via agreed processes and monitor execution to deliver a cost effective service.
  • Carry out appropriate risk assessments (TBRA) for every planned job before work commences to ensure all risks are identified and mitigated against
  • Carry out permit build for all planned jobs ensuring they are raised to mitigate all risks identified on any RAMS involved in the job
  • Raise NCR’s for the asset to highlight to the contract owner deficiencies in 3rd Party Labour support ensuring that these are addressed.
  • Maintain the asset and work history data in the maintenance management system ( Maximo) to enable effective planning
  • Support and coach other members of the KG team in Maximo, and the maintenance workflow process
  • Writes or updates clear work procedures
  • Input Asset requirements into the site wide planning / scheduling network to optimise resource loading across the whole of O&P.
  • Develop annual budget Scope of Requirements, controls assigned approved budgets and grants compliance on forecast
  • Manage weekly services and materials maintenance budget allocation and provide reports on both estimated and actual weekly spends from Maximo.
  • Plan and prepare work to ensure full KPI compliance requirements and no overdue statutory items.
  • Be a champion for INEOS 20 Principles.
  • Drive and promote plant reliability planning and associated records to ensure the plant maintains or exceeds reliability targets.

Job Requirements

  • Ability to identify business needs and pull together resources to deliver what is needed
  • Willing to take responsibility and lead on issues outwith defined role.
  • Flexible with a wide range of varied experience.
  • Willing to accommodate some periods of personal inconvenience to support the delivery of planned and unplanned work and the effective/timely resolution of unforeseen events.

Qualifications, knowledge and Skills

  • HNC and NVQ Level 3 or equivalent.
  • A time served maintenance background with good communication and organisational skills
  • A detailed understanding of the maintenance workflow process, Maximo and scheduling tools (Primavera)
  • Understanding of the budgeting process and cost control
  • Ability to work under pressure, be proficient in computer systems, be able to network effectively with a strong bias for action
  • Ability to manage multi disciplined teams, both Ineos and 3rd Party
  • Track record in successfully delivering set piece events e.g. plant outages, TARs, projects.
  • RAP Permit Builder
  • COSHH Assessor
  • Manual Handling Assessor
  • AP2 Assessor

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their CV and apply

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