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Maintenance Services Manager

The Acetyls Business Unit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of acetic acid and its derivatives, and owns & deploys its leading technology in Europe, Asia and US.

INEOS Hull Site is the European manufacturing facility for the Acetyls Business Unit and is of significant strategic importance to the Global Business, with a focus on Manufacturing Petrochemicals as well as Research & Technology. Our core product range is Acetic Acid and Acetic Anhydride.

The INEOS Acetyls UK site at Hull is top tier COMAH registered, and the job holder has a key role in ensuring the plant is operated safely to meet the company’s and the regulator’s expectations with safety performance and operational integrity.

Competency assurance of the manufacturing personnel is critical to ensure that the Hull assets can be operated safely and reliably. Reliable and efficient plant operation are key measures of asset performance that need to be achieved to ensure business requirements are met.

This role is a part of the Asset Support Team team in Hull, providing services, expertise, assurance and support to the asset and Research teams in order to deliver safe, compliant, reliable operations over the short, medium and long term.

Cross-discipline technical awareness and an ability to lead and manage skilled maintenance schedulers, supervisors and technicians is essential. Finding ways to optimise maintenance carried out through shared service model working with third-party service providers is paramount.


  • Lead and set example on SHE responsibilities through the line
  • Line leadership for the Site’s Maintenance Planning, Supervision and Technician teams
  • Develop maintenance KPIs with stakeholders to monitor and initiate targeted, measurable improvements where required
  • Develop maintenance planning processes and team capability to deliver appropriate quality work specifications in to the schedule, and ultimately the field
  • Work with Operations, Asset teams, Engineering Integrity and Projects to ensure high quality work identification and specification
  • Support leadership and technical development of supervision and the technician line, with path options through supervision, maintenance planning, scheduling, and technical roles. Ensure deep in-role expertise is valued
  • Deliver safe, appropriate quality maintenance within the bounds set by the various budget holders
  • Ensure failure reporting, lessons learned and maintenance cost bookings reflect the work activities carried out in support of the continuous improvement drive across all areas
  • Operational owner of  the maintenance services contract development and execution
  • Operational owner of the specified 3rd party contracts
  • Operational Owner of vehicle insurance policy
  • Complete Supplier Performance Management for all owned contracts working with the Procurement Team
  • Ensure key cross-team links are effective in the areas of CoW and safety
  • Ensure key links with the systems roles, to ensure all development work and CI opportunities are aligned in support of the maintenance model
  • Own the operational aspects of the site’s stores, working closely with Procurement and Finance to ensure alignment
  • Role may require membership of the Site’s Incident Management Team
  • Ensuring compliance with Ineos safety principles
  • Resource deployed to meet site plan
  • Set and enforce policy  on man  management such as additional hours, lieu time, call outs, bonus  payments etc. 
  • Ownership of the workshop operations and maintenance budget excluding labour costs
  • Owner of SSO303 (Lifting and Rigging Operations);
  • Responsibility under SSO303 to ensure all lifting activities are resourced and managed as per the SSO
  • Procurement/standards specialist for all site vehicles including Fork lift trucks, apart from Emergency response
  • Operational owner of lifting equipment, and compliance with Loller with regard to lifting inspections, this is currently delegated through SSO303 to contract rigging performance engineer
  • Detailed knowledge of Hull site’s processes, systems and procedures is seen as advantageous but not essential.


  • Degree qualified in relevant subject (Preferred)

Behavioral Skills:

  • Proven manufacturing/maintenance experience; with significant experience in R&M/Projects/TAR roles within the Petrochemical or Refining industries
  • Performance bias
  • Change leader and innovative
  • Able to inspire and lead through the line
  • Excellent networking skills to engage team with the broader site teams; fosters the development of partnerships with other departments and functions
  • Ability to balance conflicting demands in a continuously developing environment
  • An ability to delegate and support their line with their short term delivery, but formulating plans and priorities with a planning horizon typically exceeding one year
  • Maintenance KPIs
  • AsCare score
  • Budget control and cost savings