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Feedstock Supply Specialist - Referral Program

Feedstock Supply Specialist

Location: Shanghai China

Local HR: Sally Lu


You also know one of our internal INEOS Aromatics Employee? get in contact with them and as this role is eligible for referral program, you and our employee can join the program by accessing and complete forms on this link



Purpose/Role of the job

In the context of Asian Aromatics business scope and strategy, this role takes mixed responsibility of market fundamentals analysis and PX purchase. This role provides thorough understandings and views about the market fundamentals of PX and its relevant upstream/parallel/downstream products including crude, naphtha, MX, reformate, meta-Xylene, Benzene, Toluene, etc. to support PX Product Manager and Supply Manager to make business decision. This role is also responsible for covering part of PX supplier accounts to implement PX purchase strategy and cost optimization.


Environment/Context/Complexity of the job

Internal factors

  • Support PX Product Manager and Supply Manager on commercial decisions by providing market views and performing other tasks.
  • Routine communication with PTA Analyst and PTA Sales Managers as well as other team members for information sharing and strategy development.
  • Interact with PX Ops team for operational data consolidation and analysis


External factors

  • Interact with 3rd party intelligence agent, PRA, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, etc. in purpose of intelligence collection and identify market relationship.
  • Interact with PX suppliers to maximize the value for INEOS Aromatics.


Responsibilities/Accountabilities of the job

  • Comply with company policies and guidelines for SHE, code of conduct, business internal DOA, etc.
  • Provide market views of PX, naphtha, crude oil and feedstock, supplier profitability, upstream dynamics, and the implication on aromatics business to support PX Product Manager and Supply Manager for both short term commercial decisions and long-term strategy.
  • Embed and maintain a process to collect/analyze market information on feedstock, including published trade-flow data (e.g., import/ export statistics, official data on production and sales), and unpublished market intelligence (e.g., production plans, utilization, inventory level, new expansions, and project status), as well as government policies etc.
  • Work closely with Supply Manager and PTA Sales Team to align market assumptions for use in business development activity
  • Prepare PPT/reports for PX Product Manager to support business planning activities
  • Support Supply Manager on supplier management by providing performance tracking and analysis (cost, working capital, inventory, product quality, etc.).
  • Build / maintain effective and robust relationships with PX suppliers of assigned accounts in China and rest of Asia to enhance business opportunities. Execute incremental supply /spot cargoes from own supplier’s accounts.
  • Be the first “Gatekeeper” to insure the credibility of counterparties via due diligence and common sense. Identity, prevent, or mitigate counterparty risks.
  • Work closely with PX operations team, in charge of contract administration and execution, manage related contractual, accounting, payment, inventory and operations process with suppliers and customers.
  • Identify, design, make actions on optimization and cost savings working capital opportunities around the PX supply system.
  • Collect and share Asian and inter-regional PX/MX and petrochemical market intelligence, including but not limited to capacity, TAR, profitability, downstream dynamics, macroeconomics, etc.


Required profile

Level of education & Knowledge

  • Relevant degree major in STEM or commercial from top tier university
  • Advanced degree in Business Administration would be preferred
  • Profound knowledge market fundamentals of PX and upstream products such as MX, reformate, BZ, gasoline, and refinery LP experience is a plus.
  • Strong data collection and analysis skills. Proficient in using excel and PPT. A good data interpreter and storyteller.
  • Preferred buy/sell commercial experience of commodity chemical business or good potential

Experience in general

  • Background in commodity chemical industry, experience in regional and international organizations
  • 1-5 years of progressive industry experience
  • Must be fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. Other beneficial languages include Japanese and Korean.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and commercial sense supporting a diverse, multicultural environment. A good team player.

Performance indicators

  • Compliance with company policy and DOA
  • Provide solid and effective market views to support commercial decisions
  • Establish process for information collection and maintain database for feedstock
  • Well document PX commercial performance and prepare PPT/reports as required
  • Share knowledge and skills with wider commercial team