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Customer Service Coordinator

  1. Purpose of the job: describe in 1 phrase what contribution the job is expected to make to the organisation’s objectives

The role’s primary accountability involves:

  • Daily execution of Customer Account Coordinator (CAC) Order-to-Cash work scope, focusing on Contract & Spot customers (involving Letter of Credit, etc).

Secondary accountabilities include:

  • Provide resolution suggestions to complex operational issues, this will require dealings with internal & external stakeholders; and
  • Identify on-the-job process standardisation and simplification.
  1. Environment/Context: describe the most important internal and external factors influencing the job
  • CAC work requires focus on operation details and sequence, documentation preparations and concurrently needing to coordinate and manage stakeholders – ability to prioritize work activities, ability to manage time and be efficient with work will be critical;
  • Identify, recommend and adoption of process improvements, simplifications & standardisation; will involve internal and external stakeholders, getting acceptance will require facts, plus persuasion; and
  • Issue resolutions is key challenges, it may cover internal extended team members and external with vendors/service providers and/or customers.
  1. Accountabilities of the job: describe the main results expected from the job
  • Customer Account Coordinator Order-to-Cash work scope:
    • Process orders and perform invoicing timely and accurately in ERP system;
    • Prepare documentations meeting Letter of Credit requirements efficiently and able to deal with specific requests from customers;
    • Prepare periodic price adjustments and rebate calculations for customer’s acceptance;
    • Build and maintain customer relationships; ensure no service-based customer complaints;
    • Complaint handling (if any) and case follow up until closed;
    • Update timely order and pricing record (order book); and
    • Liaise with internal & external stakeholders to ensure operations activities are progressed smoothly.
  • Continue Improvement - Order-to-Cash and Operation processes;
    • Be a ‘disruptive force’, identify on-the-job process simplifications and standardisation of current processes; and
    • Ensure Letter of Credit process/workflow is simplified & adopted, aim to avoid discrepancies.


  1. Required Profile

Level of education & Experience in general

  • Diploma or Degree or Professional Qualification is acceptable;
  • With 2 years working experience, preferably in areas involving trade or import/export activities or customer service.

Technical skills

  • International Trade and Goods Import/Export Requirements, especially with UCP rules and International Commercial (Inco) terms;
  • SAP - Sales and Distribution Module;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Behavioural skills

  • Self-driven with a positive attitude;
  • Courage to speak up, articulate, provide ideas and challenge status-quo;
  • Able to work independently, deliver results with minimum supervision;
  • Ability to work within a diverse geographical team, jointly delivering key performance targets;
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution, quick thinker with issues and conflicts resolutions;
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to manage 3rd party relationships;
  • Be a disrupter (continuous improvement) striving for better results, balancing with being a process advocate – as situation dictates;
  • Capable of working effectively under pressure and the occasion long hour day.


  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  1. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results are achieved - related to the accountabilities
  • Accurate & timely submission of presentation documents;
  • NIL formal complaint from customers.