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Business Development Manager

This strategic role is designed to lead the business development function to design and implement the long-term business development strategy of INEOS Acetyls in Asia.

This role will coordinate and lead the vertical BD team and resources to explore and originate new business opportunities and prioritize them according to INEOS’ strategic priorities, then with support of leaders of other function teams to proceed the project evaluation and verification to ensure a structural and compliant project process in place. The role will collaborate closely with, and support, the INEOS shareholder office, and Asian JVs in their own growth agenda.

This role needs to manage and enhance the strategic relationship with key partners cross the region to facilitate strategic level alignment with INEOS.

This role will work with INEOS’ global team to learn and exchange and develop new concepts relating to sustainability – including low-carbon strategy, Hydrogen strategy and new technology breakthroughs – on existing and adjacent product lines.

The role will also be responsible for developing and maintaining validity of market data and databases/models relevant to support business development decisions.

Key Accountabilities:

  1. In line with agreed strategic framework, develop clear options list for Asian business development
  2. Lead INEOS support to JV Heads in respect of JV growth opportunities, at all times representing and protecting INEOS interests and driving optimum value proposition for INEOS
  3. Establish and maintain close relationships with existing & potential partners in Asia market, forming win-win strategies to get alignment and support from them.
  4. Coordinate and lead a vertical team/networks with support from commercial, technical, project, JVs, finance and SHO functions, to provide a comprehensive structure to project development.
  5. Closely monitor latest technology developments and other environmental changes within the Acetyls value chain to ensure BD strategy can best fit the fast-moving environment.
  6. Work with Global sustainability team, to be the SPA of Asia sustainability strategy, and also assist Asia JVs to build up their own sustainability strategy and key milestones.
  7. Ideally, lead technology licensing activities in Asia in the event of JV development

Key challenges faced on the role (In relation to above)

  • This role needs significant experience of project origination, business development, and project development/management principles.
  • This role needs strong inter-personal skills and sufficient experience to maintain strategic relationships with senior leaders of potential partners.
  • This role needs strong leadership credentials and the sense of responsibility needed to successfully lead multi-disciplinary teams to develop and support an aligned objective and common goals.
  • This role needs 10+ years’ experience in Petrochemical industry and be capable of developing a coherent business development strategy.
  • This role requires a strong awareness of compliance given the often sensitive nature of development activities

Educational background

University degree and MBA will be a plus.

 Experience (years and nature)

10+ years of commercial team leader experience, and solid understanding of commodity markets and petrochemical industry

Good project management and business development experience in Asia.

Prior experience in leading projects or multi-disciplinary teams experience is a plus.

Skillsets required


Project management & business development


Added Advantage


Fluent in written and spoken for both English and Chinese is Mandatory


Soft Skills