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Associate Logistics

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Associate Logistics  


Fixed Term Contract  



A. Purpose /Role of the job: Describe in 1 phrase what contribution the job is expected to make to the organisation’s objectives

  • Perform day to day logistics activities at site to ensure the integrated and rational systems of physical distribution of materials (storing, transportation and distribution of all outgoing Finished Goods & scrap materials in accordance with company strategies).

    B. Environment/Context/Complexity of the job: Describe the most important internal and external factors influencing the job

    Internal –
  • Collaboration with site operations team viz. – Production, Operations, QA, SHE etc.
  • Handling of daily transaction of max 500 MT (transfer of material from operations to warehouse and dispatch of material).

External –

  • Dealing with external service provider viz. Transporters, Scrap Customers, Forklift Service providers, etc.
  • Inculcation of safety awareness among service providers (forklift, truck / tanker drivers, transporter supervisors, etc.) and implementation of INSTY safety requirements.

C. Responsibilities/ Accountabilities of the job: Describe the main results expected from the job

  1. Key Result Areas:

Operations Management ( Finished Goods Storage & Outbound Logistics) at site

Major Activities:

  • Manage the movement of Finished Goods & scrap materials out of the site in accordance with organizational policy and procedure, and to comply with relevant local and international law (Exports) and company processes.
  • Liaise with other departments in order to establish and maintain effective and relevant outbound activities.
  • Manage outbound delivery process efficiently as per SOPs & ISO Work Manuals.
  • Managing the internal Finished Goods warehouse to ensure inventory accuracy and on time material movement.
  • Ensuring dispatches of scrap material as per SOP & DOA matrix.
  • Coordinating with internal and Logistics teams regarding, cost reduction and various other process improvement initiatives.
  • Inculcate SHE culture among employees (company & service provider) as per INSTY guidelines through frequent safety talks & training.
  • Contacting and coordinating with internal stake holders to ensure submission of all require documents to fulfill GST / regulatory compliance related matter.
  • Generation of dispatch documents in SAP & E Way Bill online.
  • Fulfilling various internal and statutory audit related documents requirement & timely closure of NCMs.
  • Preparation of Job work Challan in SAP & maintenance of records as per ISO and statutory guideline.
  • Daily & Monthly reports & MIS preparation


  • Ensure safe and efficient warehousing, achieving outbound logistics targets with dispatch accuracy.

  1. Key Result Areas:

Inventory Management of Finished Goods at site.

Major Activities:

  • Inventory Management – Monthly Independent Blind Count, Monthly 100% physical stock count, Quarterly Statutory Stock Count of FG at in-plant Warehouse & outside storage locations.
  • Inventory Record Accuracy – 100% for all SKU’s of FG.


  • FIFO adherence
  • 100% Inventory Record Accuracy

  1. Key Result Areas:

People Management

Major Activities:

  • Training and guidance to contractual staffs to perform day to day warehouse & dispatch activities.
  • Plan the work schedules of warehouse team members and resource requirements, allocation of tasks, rotating responsibilities as appropriate to achieve flexibility and meet with operational requirements.
  • Monitor external service provider’s performance to ensure their meeting target of SHE, Quality and Services level at our plant.


    1. Create the right conditions for a capable, well-motivated and highly productive team operating at optimum levels with INSTY safety requirements.

  1. Key Result Areas :

Internal and External Audits

Major Activities:

  • Maintain an update logistics & planning procedures, work instructions and other documents in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 in HSEQ database by completely
  • Active role in audit work to ensure an effective audit performed and respond to internal & external audits inquiry (GST, Asset Care etc.).


  • Effective Internal  & External Control and Compliance

D. Dimensions: Describe the most representative figures of the job (for example: number of staff, budget you’re responsible for, number of projects)


Number or amount in €

Managing a Finished Goods volume per month

~ 1500 MT (Over all volume 4500 MT shared among team members)

Supervision of staff: Give the number of people you supervise (“Direct” means that they report directly to you, “Indirect” means they report to someone who reports to you.)







E. Main contacts /Interfaces: What are the internal and external contacts you have, necessary for reaching your results?


Frequency of contacts

My role in those contacts [1]

  • Responsible
  • Accountable
  • Consulted
  • Informed

Purpose of contacts

Transporter (Receipt/Dispatches)



Managing outgoing material

External FG Warehouse Service Provider

As & when needed


Managing FG at Outside Warehouse

Plants (Production, Environment, QC, Maintenance, Administration )



Material movement within site

Offices (Sales, Procurement, Financing, Controlling)

As & when needed


Co-ordination for material movement

F. Required profile:

Level of education & Knowledge:

Graduate degree either in Science or Commerce. 

Experience in general:

  • At least 2-4 years relevant working experience in outbound logistics preferably in a Chemical plant.

Technical skills:

  • Striving for Achievement and Result Orientation.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Orientation.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Familiar with SAP ERP system and knowledge.

Competencies, Behavioral skills: (acc. to competency profile and required level of descriptions)

  • Team player

G. Performance indicators: Describe the criteria allowing to measure to what extent the results are achieved - related to the accountabilities

  • Ensure safe and efficient outbound logistics as per SOPs & work instructions.
  • Ensure proper storage of FG as per Inventory Norms & Material Compatibility.
  • Inventory Management – Daily Stock Count in silent hours, Monthly Independent Blind Count, Quarterly Statutory Stock Count for FG.
  • Inventory Record Accuracy – 100% for FG.
  • Comply with law and other requirements of India.

[1] R – Responsible for getting tasks done (in terms of practically doing things)

  A – Accountable for the task (approver of costs)

  C – Consulted for the task

   I – Informed about the task

If you require further information please contact Ruchi Sharma.

Of course, your application will be treated confidentially.

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